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why should you kill marijuana plants

Why Should You Kill Marijuana Plants?

You may be wondering why should you kill marijuana plants. Whether you’re just curious or a seasoned grower, you’ll probably find a good reason for killing your plants. Marijuana plants need a sufficient amount of water to stay healthy and happy. Generally, you can tell if a plant is properly watered by sticking your finger into the soil. Then, weigh it with your finger. If it is under-watered, it will appear weak and droopy. The leaves will be yellow or brown. medical marijuana card for prescription in binghamton ny

Several insects can damage a cannabis crop, but pesticides won’t kill them. Instead, you should try organic methods to prevent spider mites from invading your plants. One way to prevent spider mites is by pruning the damaged portions of your plants and hosing them frequently. Another way to prevent spider mites is to apply a 9:1 water-alcohol mixture to your marijuana plants. Make sure to spray the mixture under the leaves of the plants, and repeat it every few days. Using an insecticide is not a good idea, as it may kill your plants, so you should use an organic solution that will get rid of the problem.

To prevent the occurrence of a reoccurring smell, you should always check the air around your marijuana plants. A good rule of thumb is to avoid letting them sit on windows for a long period of time. That way, they can recover from their recent stress. In addition to air circulation, a good way to reduce the smell of marijuana is to grow a strain with a higher nitrogen content. However, beware that the plants might produce a higher odor than the one you’re accustomed to.

A proper lighting setup is crucial when growing marijuana plants indoors. It’s important to have proper lighting to encourage flowering and the production of THC. Lighting should be evenly distributed so the plants receive adequate lighting. Depending on the size of the space you have, you’ll need a 400 to 600 watt bulb, positioned at an arm’s length above your plants. If you’re growing more than six plants, you’ll need a permanent light source. Alternatively, a portable light will work well.

Another important factor is temperature. In northern latitudes, the temperature should be at least seventy degrees. This can prevent the plant from producing the desired buds. In this case, you can try to artificially induce flowering in the warmer months. One method of doing this is blacking out the plants, where all light is excluded for 12 hours. This way, your cannabis plant will produce buds even during long days. For best results, keep the temperature below 80 degrees.

When cloning cannabis plants, it’s important to choose the right planting medium. Using potting soil would technically work as the medium. But, soilless growing media, such as coco fiber, worm casings, perlite, and vermiculite, was developed specifically for marijuana plants. Most grow stores carry these media. Royal Gold Tupur, for example, is a good soilless growing medium.