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why should marijuana be legalized

Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

If you’re asking yourself, “Why should marijuana be legalized?” there are several reasons why. Prohibition of marijuana has failed, and the drug is less harmful than alcohol. It’s also far less stigmatizing than other drugs. The social aspects of the gateway drug theory support the marijuana argument, as pot users socialize with like-minded people. They are exposed to a culture that is positively inclined toward illicit substances. can you buy from a california dispensary with a ny medical marijuana card

Many state governments have recognized the economic benefits of legalizing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would generate millions of dollars in direct tax revenue and reduce legal enforcement costs. Prohibition has also contributed to the power of an international criminal gang, while legalization would provide economic stimulus for a state’s economy. While the debate over legalization is still ongoing, the economic benefits of legal marijuana use cannot be denied. Legalization of marijuana can increase tax revenues and stimulate the economy.

Prohibition of marijuana has also wasted billions of dollars. Not only has it failed to curb youth access to the drug, but it has also led to racial and economic inequality. In 2017, statistics revealed that more Americans were arrested for marijuana possession than for other crimes. Moreover, the drug costs the government $14 billion annually. The incarceration of marijuana users hurts the economy because they have a criminal record. Besides, people with criminal records have a harder time getting a job and advancing in their education.

Prohibition of marijuana has been illegal since the Nixon administration banned it. However, the numbers are increasing every day. According to the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 61% of Americans support legalization. While legalization is not yet a national goal, four states have legalized marijuana. If legalization of marijuana reaches the top, the country can expect to make significant money for the drug’s producers.

Prohibition does not solve the drug problem. Instead, it causes more problems than it solves. Prohibition of marijuana does not lower drug use; it increases it. Many studies have even shown that marijuana is useful as a medicine. It stimulates appetite and relieves nausea in AIDS and cancer patients. Prohibition of marijuana also causes confusion regarding hemp and its agricultural and industrial uses. This is the reason marijuana should be legal.

Prohibition of marijuana has been widely criticized. While a growing number of people support legalization, some argue that legalization would be harmful to society. In fact, many supporters of legalization point out the many health benefits associated with marijuana. Most also say that it is no worse than alcohol. In other words, legalization of marijuana will be good for society and the economy. However, it is still illegal, and many states will not allow its use.

Prohibition of marijuana is counterproductive to the American way of life. Legalization will only increase the demand for marijuana and boost the economy. The federal government will be forced to pay for the cost of legalization through increased sales tax, payroll withholdings, and business taxes. The government’s revenues from these taxes will be greater than what the marijuana industry is currently bringing in. So, why shouldn’t marijuana be legalized?