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why should marijuana be legal

Why Should Marijuana Be Legal?

The arguments for and against legalizing marijuana have been around for years. While both sides have valid points, legalizing marijuana would benefit the country’s budget in several ways. For starters, the federal and state tax on marijuana combined equals $2.47 – that’s the same price as seven or ten cigarettes. This amount would be hugely beneficial if everyone was able to enjoy marijuana without the financial burden. And finally, legalizing marijuana would create jobs and reduce our deficit. ny state marijuana card

The criminalization of marijuana disproportionately harms youth and has failed to curb its accessibility among adolescents. In fact, legalizing marijuana would bring one of the largest cash crops in the country under the rule of law, create jobs in the formal economy, and reduce the cost of corrections. The legalization of marijuana will also create an environment where cannabis product testing will become standard in legalized markets, improving public education on marijuana products. Besides, the resulting tax revenue would be more than enough to cover state expenses.

The prohibition of marijuana has led to the illegal use of synthetic drugs and street weed. It has cost billions of dollars, and thousands of lives. Further, it has contributed to the racist policies in the country. In fact, marijuana has a positive effect on the health of many people. However, it is also highly addictive, which is one of the reasons why marijuana should be legal. So, why shouldn’t the federal government make marijuana legal?

In addition to its health benefits, legalizing marijuana would also allow law enforcement to focus on other issues like violent crime. During the last year, over 700,000 people were left with no justice. The tax revenue from legalized weed sales would also go to various rehabilitation programs and drug harm reduction. So, legalizing marijuana is a smart move for the country, but there are still a lot of concerns. For starters, legalizing marijuana would be very controversial. But it would increase tax revenue.

Legalizing marijuana could also make the United States $18 billion richer every year. Legalizing marijuana could help marijuana companies list their stocks on the U.S. stock exchanges, which could lead to more investment. Legalization could also help producers of the drug in the U.S. The recent deal between Colorado and Jamaican companies to supply the state with medicinal ganja could help them boost their economies. It could also help curb the violence associated with the underground drug trade.

Recent changes in laws regarding marijuana have changed the debate. While a majority of Americans still think it is wrong to make it illegal, recent efforts have made it legal in certain states. In Montana, the legislature has passed a broad sentencing reform bill that has reduced the penalty for marijuana possession to a misdemeanor. Further, HB 1041 reduced the drug possession charge from a Class C felony to a Class A misdemeanor.