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why marijuana should be illegal

Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

If you’ve been thinking about legalizing pot, you’ve probably wondered “why marijuana should be illegal.” While it’s not as addictive as heroin or cocaine, marijuana is a powerful habit-forming drug. One in nine people who use it becomes addicted to it. This is especially true of young people, as they are more likely to develop an addiction to marijuana when they were teenagers. This article will look at some of the arguments for and against marijuana legalization. where to get a medical marijuana card in nassau county ny

Marijuana is a gateway drug. Once you have used marijuana, you’ll probably get interested in other illegal substances. It can affect your mental faculties and affect your social life. And, like alcohol, marijuana can cause addiction, which affects your family life, career, and relationships. Because of this, marijuana should be illegal. In the US, marijuana has been linked to more than 4,000 deaths every year. That’s a frightening statistic.

Legalizing marijuana is bad for the environment. Plants require land and water to grow, and marijuana grows best in areas with plentiful water and space. As marijuana use increases, the scale of production grows. Land and space are needed to grow the plant, and this increases the risk of deforestation of forests and destruction of wildlife habitat. This is just a small sample of the many reasons why marijuana should remain illegal. You’ll need to decide for yourself what you believe. It might surprise you to learn that marijuana has some benefits, but these benefits are far from enough to justify the environmental impact of legalizing marijuana.

Legalization of marijuana has many other negative effects on society. It increases the rate of crime and addiction. Furthermore, it decreases the quality of life and the overall quality of society. As a result, marijuana is more dangerous for kids than alcohol. It’s also linked to many social problems, and should be banned in every state. If you’re thinking of legalizing marijuana, consider these reasons before making the decision. So, you’ll have an informed opinion in no time.

Legalization of marijuana promotes ease of access, which increases the likelihood of crime. Many people use the drug to pay for their habit. If legalized, this would further increase the rate of drug use, which, in turn, raises the risk of car accidents and other tragedies. The monetary costs of legalizing marijuana would also be a big issue. The benefits of legalizing marijuana are not worth the costs. There’s more to legalizing marijuana.

Legalizing marijuana would increase the number of crimes related to drugs, and legalizing marijuana would change the way America views the issue of drugs. Legalization would open the door to even worse drugs and lead to another war on drugs. If marijuana became legal, many kids would turn to illegal drugs, which would be detrimental to their futures. Sadly, these reasons are not good enough for some people. So, the question remains, should marijuana be legalized?