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why legalizing marijuana

Why Legalizing Marijuana is a Good Idea

There are many reasons why legalizing marijuana is a good idea. Many people enjoy smoking it and do so to make themselves feel better. This is especially important when you consider that suicide rates are on the rise in America. Today, more than 15 million people suffer from depression. The number of suicides continues to rise each year. Legalizing marijuana could prevent these tragedies from occurring. It would also make life more enjoyable for many people. But the question remains, why legalize marijuana? ny medical marijuana card on line

The primary argument against marijuana legalization is its harmful effects. Many people have argued that marijuana is not as harmful as other illegal substances, but a recent poll by the Associated Press and GfK found that a majority of non-users think that it is not. Furthermore, an increasing number of non-users believe that legalizing marijuana would cut back on the use of harder drugs. However, despite its many benefits, legalizing marijuana may not be the best idea for everyone.

While there are many benefits to legalizing marijuana, one of the most important is economic growth. It could become the largest cash crop in the United States since cotton. It could also create American jobs. In 2014, Colorado became the first state to allow recreational sales of marijuana. Headset Inc. estimates that the average recreational marijuana consumer spends $647 per year. Moreover, legalization could help fight the international drug trade. There are many other reasons why legalizing marijuana is a good idea.

The use of marijuana is widespread in the U.S., but the prohibition against it is especially prevalent among African Americans and Latinos. Its prevalence is the same in both groups, but black people are twice as likely to be arrested for possessing marijuana. Additionally, it affects the quality of life and employment prospects for those who use marijuana. So, legalizing marijuana is the right choice for America’s citizens. If the prohibition on marijuana continues, many communities will suffer the consequences.

Legalizing marijuana will not only protect public health, but also increase the amount of marijuana available for the general population. Many studies have shown that marijuana use can harm the brain’s development and negatively impact learning, memory, and thought processes. And marijuana has even been linked to mental health problems, including psychosis. Furthermore, even small amounts of marijuana can alter the brain of a teenager. In fact, early exposure to mood-altering drugs increases the risk of substance use disorders.

Although legalizing marijuana is controversial, it can make a positive change for society. As of now, no state has legalized recreational cannabis. However, Washington state and Colorado have legalized marijuana and nine more states have followed suit. Legalizing cannabis could solve many social problems and help people live a better life. If only more states were as progressive as Colorado and Washington, there would be much more marijuana use in the U.S. This is an amazing achievement.