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why is marijuana bad

Why Is Marijuana Bad For You?

Why is marijuana bad for you? Most of us are concerned with its legal and social ramifications, but the truth is much more complex. Marijuana’s effects are far reaching and go far beyond the physical and psychological health hazards. It also impairs cognition. A recent study showed that heavy marijuana users had reduced levels of dopamine, the brain chemical that controls attention and impulsive behavior. People who smoked marijuana for extended periods became dependent on the drug by the age of 20. medical marijuana card ny fees waived

Despite this widespread concern, research shows that even small amounts of cannabis can harm an unborn or nursing baby. Cannabis use is also associated with an increased risk of developing addiction. One study, which included blood cells from newborns and pregnant women, found that smoking women were more likely to develop cancer than nonsmokers. The study also showed that cannabis users suffered from similar changes in DNA than nonsmokers. Both marijuana and tobacco smoke contain substances that damage DNA.

Nevertheless, there are many benefits of marijuana. It can help you relax after a long day at work and can be beneficial for certain medical conditions. The dangers are outweighed by its many benefits. While marijuana is not as harmful as a lot of people think, its positive medical effects lead to increased abuse and general increase in the use of illegal substances. Therefore, it is still important to learn more about marijuana before you start consuming it.

Studies also show that frequent marijuana smokers are more likely to have their first heart attack before they reach the age of fifty. This is an abnormally early age and increases the risk for future heart attacks, heart failure, and life-threatening arrhythmias. While marijuana may not be a gateway to other harmful substances, it’s an excellent alternative to alcohol. But marijuana addiction is dangerous. It can impair your mind and body, and is a dangerous habit to have if you’re looking to get high.

Another way to assess marijuana’s risks is to look at the health effects of tobacco smoking. The smoke from tobacco smoking contains nicotine, which pollutes the lungs and increases the risk of lung cancer. Marijuana is free of nicotine, which makes it a safer choice than tobacco. However, it is still dangerous for people with a compromised immune system, or those who are already prone to cardiovascular disease. Further, marijuana has shown to be harmful for pregnant women.

A more complex relationship between marijuana and sexual function has also been found. Some researchers found that the illegal nature of marijuana facilitated the use of marijuana, which may have contributed to the rise in sexual activities. While the illegal nature of the drug can enhance a person’s sexual desires and behaviors, marijuana inhibits the receptors that control erectile functions. In addition to these harmful effects, marijuana also inhibits erectile function.