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why does marijuana make you cough

Why Does Marijuana Make You Cough?

If you are wondering why does marijuana make you cough, you have come to the right place. This article will cover the possible reasons for your cough and how to avoid it. Coughing is an unpleasant side effect of marijuana and may be avoided by taking smaller hits. To minimize coughing while smoking marijuana, you should be aware of your smoking habits and use precautions to avoid the situation. Here are some tips. First, try not to hold your inhalation for long periods. This will cause more smoke to go into your lungs, resulting in more coughing. Second, drink lots of water, especially if your throat is sensitive to the substance. medical marijuana ny card get

Besides, marijuana smoke contains irritants and carcinogens that can harm your lungs. As a result, smoking it can lead to chronic bronchitis, a condition that causes frequent coughing. However, chronic bronchitis typically resolves itself if the individual quits smoking regularly. Furthermore, regular use of marijuana lowers the production of cilia in the airways, which are tiny hairs that filter particles from entering the lungs. Lastly, it weakens your immune system, which can result in lung infections.

If you are a beginner to cannabis, it may be worth trying a few smaller hits before you start. If you have a large lungs, you might want to use a personal bong rather than a weed vaporizer. The same goes for the type of flower you smoke. Poor quality weed contains pesticides, mold, and dust that can cause coughing. Furthermore, smoking marijuana is a very sticky substance because of its resin. In addition to that, marijuana also contains tiny bits of the environment in which it was grown.

Coughing while smoking marijuana is a normal reaction. The smoke of marijuana irritates the lungs and causes coughing. Nonetheless, it is important to quit smoking if the coughing persists. If the coughing is persistent, you should consider taking oral or topical cannabis to ease the cough. You may also want to consult your doctor to learn about your specific case. It is very important to understand your specific situation so that you can find the best treatment option.

There is no clear reason why cannabis use causes cough, but research has demonstrated that cannabis use is linked with cough, wheeze, and sputum production. However, these associations are limited to frequent cannabis users, and do not hold for people who smoke tobacco. Heavy cannabis users are more likely to develop bronchitis. However, quitting can improve symptoms, and symptoms often resolve on their own. If you are wondering why does marijuana make you cough, consider all the options available to you.