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who invented marijuana

Who Invented Marijuana?

If you’re wondering who invented marijuana, you’re not alone. A plant with medicinal properties has been used for millennia. In 2800 BC, cannabis was used to treat a variety of ailments. In addition to being used as a drug, cannabis was listed in the pharmacopoeia of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. The plant’s uses have not only continued to evolve, but also led to its current status as one of the most commonly used drugs. getting medical marijuana card ny

Although no one is sure who invented marijuana, some evidence points to it being brought to the United States by immigrants who fled the Mexican Revolution. While many people in the United States looked down on marijuana, rumors spread that Mexican immigrants were selling the plant to schoolchildren. Cannabis also came to New Orleans from West Indian and African-American immigrants who brought it to the port city along the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, it became associated with African-Americans, jazz musicians, prostitutes, and other underworld whites.

Regardless of the source, it seems that cannabis was used as a drug in ancient times, and that it was first grown in the middle of the Pamir Mountains, near modern China, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. The findings were revealed by a team of researchers, who used new techniques to analyze ancient pots and discovered that they contained evidence of marijuana. Although the majority of wild cannabis plants contain very low levels of THC, the researchers concluded that these early people deliberately selected the highest THC plants, resulting in high THC concentrations.

In the ancient world, cannabis was widely used and revered. It was even used as a grain and food. In ancient China, hemp was even used to fill sacrificial vessels. This allowed the deceased to send their loved ones to the afterlife. During the early centuries of the Middle Ages, cannabis was also widely used in Egypt as a medicinal herb. It was even recorded in an ancient Persian religious text written by Zoroaster.

Researchers also believe that Herodotus, the Greek philosopher, may have been the first to mention cannabis. In fact, an account by Herodotus describes how a cannabis plant grew from a seed. And in 1998, an inquiry by the House of Lords concluded that cannabis had medical benefits. The United Kingdom government then supported a study of cannabis in multiple sclerosis in 2000. But even though it isn’t completely clear that the plant was first used as a medicine, there is still no doubt that humans have been using marijuana for centuries.

When the media and the public feared marijuana, a racial bias was involved. During the early 1900s, some Americans and Mexicans were afraid of its effect on society. Despite this, it was the lower class of Mexicans who were most concerned about marijuana. In addition, the drug became a popular recreational drug, spawning a massive underground market. A century later, the drug has become an essential part of our society.