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who discovered marijuana

Who Discovered Marijuana?

The question of who discovered marijuana was never as clear as it is now. Cannabis is a plant that has numerous medical benefits and has been used for centuries to treat various illnesses. Cannabis was first discovered by Raphael Mechoulam, a Bulgarian-born scientist. After escaping from Germany and other countries, he moved to Israel to pursue his doctorate. While working on this project, he also studied the effects of pesticides on plants. Eventually, he isolated the active ingredient found in the cannabis plant. how long to get medical marijuana card in ny

Although Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, it was originally confined to the mountains and deserts of Central Asia. In fact, it was used exclusively by the Scythians, an Indo-European tribe who brought civilization to China. They noted that cannabis was a popular medicine that had both yin and yang properties. These discoveries continued throughout Chinese history. Later, the Chinese began to trade cannabis along the Silk Road, spreading the plant to Europe and the Middle East.

Cannabis was first used as a medicinal plant in Asia around 500 B.C. and gradually spread through Central Asia. In the nineteenth century, it was introduced to Europe and America. In 1830, Sir William Brooke O’Shoughnessy discovered that marijuana helped treat cholera. It took until the early 1900s for marijuana to be widely used for recreational purposes. There are several theories about how this plant was first discovered. Some of these theories include the following.

Before it was widely used in the United States, cannabis was widely used by people in the Middle East. The Quran explicitly prohibits the use of alcohol, but does not mention cannabis, so these immigrants brought it to Europe and Africa. Then, marijuana gained popularity in the 1960s, particularly in flower power years. Marijuana has long been shrouded in a negative light, and the history of marijuana’s use raises many questions.

It is important to note that marijuana has a long history, dating back to 12,000 B.C. Wild cannabis plants grew in this region before people discovered its medicinal properties. It was also used by humans in their religious rituals and for recreation. After this time, the cultivation of marijuana began. But marijuana farming did not take place until the second half of the nineteenth century. And today, marijuana is a popular recreational drug. If you are looking for the truth behind marijuana’s history, read on. There are plenty of myths out there about the history of marijuana.

Historically, cannabis is believed to have been used as an analgesic in China before Herodotus wrote about it. Herodotus, a Greek historian who lived between 425 and 484, documented how horsemen nomads would get intoxicated by hurling cannabis seeds onto hot stones. Some researchers believe this is the first recorded use of cannabis as a medicinal herb. He also used it for pain relief.