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which of the following statements about marijuana is false?

Which of the Following Statements About Marijuana is False?

Which of the following statements about marijuana is false? Let’s start with a common misconception: marijuana is illegal. Despite its illegality, marijuana is still very common in the U.S. Despite its popularity, the state of California still prohibits marijuana use for personal use. This has led to a huge increase in marijuana-related arrests. In addition to arrests, marijuana use has increased dramatically in all age groups, genders, and sex, including pregnant women. Those between 18 and 25 are at the highest risk of using marijuana. can i buy marijuana in california with a ny medical card

According to recent reports, marijuana has negative effects on the brain and body. It can increase the risk of developing mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. It can even cause psychotic episodes in children. Studies have shown that marijuana users have poorer academic performance, less happiness, less confidence, and worse relationships than non-users. Marijuana use has also been associated with slower reaction times and a reduced ability to react to sounds.

One of the primary responsibilities of a retailer is to comply with the state law on marijuana sales. A retailer who fails to comply with state laws is liable for up to $1,000 in fines and/or jail time. A retail marijuana store licensee must also keep records of all sales and marijuana products. Those sales must be recorded separately on an invoice, receipt, or other similar document. The person violating the law must be present during business hours to avoid getting caught.