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where is marijuana originally from

Where is Marijuana Originally From?

There have been many theories over the origin of marijuana, but one of the most controversial is the fact that it is native to central Siberia. The plant’s ancestors are believed to have existed in the Oligocene Epoch. The genus Cannabis is more than 10,000 years old, and it has been cultivated and used for medical purposes for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, marijuana seeds date back to more than 10,000 BCE. medical marijuana id card ny

The earliest known use of cannabis was probably in the Scythian culture, which used it for fiber and food. They also used it to weave hemp clothing. Their empire covered modern-day Iran, Afghanistan, and Russia, and connected eastern Europe with Central Asia. According to Herodotus, in 430 B.C., the Scythians used the plant in ritual and recreational activities. Cannabis was also known as a good narcotic in ancient Persia.

Although the use of cannabis was not widespread in ancient times, it spread throughout Central Asia through the Silk Road, linking China with Iran. In fact, Herodotus wrote that the Scythians smoked the vapors of hemp while they controlled vast areas of Siberia and Eastern Europe. In a recent study, Chinese archaeologists found physical evidence of cannabis use in the eighth to sixth century B.C. in burials.

Despite its widespread use in the United States, most of the marijuana grown today is cultivated by humans. Although marijuana naturally grows in certain parts of the world, it was not widely used for recreational use until the early 1900s, when Mexican immigrants first introduced it to American culture. As a result, the Great Depression and widespread public fear of “evil weed” led to the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. This federal law criminalized marijuana and hemp products across the country. This Act also criminalized all but industrial uses of marijuana.

Currently, scientists recognize cannabis as its own genus. But they cannot agree on how many different species of marijuana exist. It is likely that the different strains were brought to North America through migratory paths. Regardless of the origin of marijuana, its existence in the modern world is an indication of how long it has survived the harshest conditions on Earth. It is a genus with the potential to endure more than 28 million years.

Cannabis has long been entwined with race in America. It has multiple personalities and is the foundation of a booming recreational and medicinal industry. Today, marijuana is responsible for more than half of the drug arrests in the United States. And even though the majority of these arrests are for possession, this proportion is disproportionately high among African-Americans. It is still illegal under federal law. It is considered a Schedule I controlled substance.

Cannabis is used in many cultures around the world. In fact, it was first used more than 12,000 years ago. It enjoyed a long and uninterrupted run throughout history, gaining the approval of virtually every society. This fact makes it possible to make an informed decision on whether or not to use cannabis. If you’re wondering where marijuana originally came from, read on to find out! You’ll be surprised to learn that marijuana is native to the Americas, and that it has been around for thousands of years.