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where does marijuana originate from

Where Does Marijuana Originate From?

Where does marijuana originate from? There are several theories, but one that has the most merit is that the plant evolved from a type of hop. According to recent research, marijuana’s origins can be traced back to the Pamir Mountains in western China, about 3000 meters high. The remains of the ancient Sogdians found in the Jirzankal cemetery date back as far as 500 B.C.E., which is an estimate based on radiocarbon analysis. medical marijuana card ny age

Cannabis is a flowering plant whose leaves are achene. Its fruit is an edible berry called an achene. Cannabis is wind-pollinated, and most strains have short day cycles. It is possible that humans bred the weed in higher elevations to make it more potent. It could have also evolved into a hybrid form that is more potent than it is today.

Although it is difficult to determine where marijuana originated in China, many Chinese immigrants have found it a source of pride. The plants grow wild in China, where many people have dreamed of visiting. It’s an ancient, mystical plant that is found in many places. The Chinese people who grow it often find it impossible to believe that it is a natural product. Although there are other myths about the origins of marijuana, these myths do not seem to make it any less enchanting.

Cannabis has been domesticated by humans as far back as 2000 BC, and has since spread throughout the Middle East and Europe as early as the 1st century AD. In fact, cannabis use has been documented in prehistoric societies throughout Eurasia and Africa. Interestingly, one of the oldest written accounts of cannabis use is from an Egyptian mummy found in the 1,000 BCE. Her mummy contained trace amounts of THC, which is four times more potent than the average German medical marijuana patient.

Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years, but most ancient cultures didn’t grow marijuana to get high. Instead, they probably cultivated the plant as an herbal medicine. In the early 1600s, farmers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Virginia were required to grow hemp. While early hemp plants were known to have low levels of THC (the chemical responsible for marijuana’s mind-altering effects), they may have grown plants with higher levels of the chemical THC. It’s also possible that ancient cultures were growing cannabis plants that were high in THC, and were probably aware of the psychoactive effects of the plant.