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where does marijuana grow naturally

Where Does Marijuana Grow Naturally?

If you’re wondering where does marijuana grow naturally, you’re not alone. There are several areas around the world where the plant can thrive. Some places are hot and dry, while others are relatively temperate and humid. Fortunately, marijuana is one of these plants. Listed below are some of these areas. Also, consider how much sunlight these places receive year-round. Cannabis is best cultivated in these climates because the temperature ranges are ideal. ny state medical marijuana card online

Although roadside cannabis plants are considered feral, they are not necessarily weedy. Roadside cannabis is also known as ditch weed and is often wind pollinated. This means that it can easily mix with nearby cannabis plants. Foragers should be aware of local laws regarding cannabis cultivation, as it may be illegal to grow cannabis in these areas. Before beginning your search, make sure to ask local authorities about their policies, so that you don’t end up breaking the law.

If you’re wondering where does marijuana grow naturally, consider climate. Most strains of marijuana thrive in tropical and subtropical climates. This is because these climates have a moderate temperature and humidity level, and weed would not be able to thrive in extreme temperatures. Cannabis strands need to be able to thrive in warm temperatures, without becoming stressed by too much rain. In contrast, strains built for cold climates usually don’t grow well.

Although the cannabis plant originated in the Himalayas around Tibet, it has been used by human beings for thousands of years. The Chinese, however, made use of it for medicinal purposes. After opium was discovered, marijuana’s taste was no longer as pleasant for them. The seeds were scattered all over the region and eventually reached India. The Indians used the plant to make ropes and oils. Arabs spread the plant to Afghanistan, where it continues to grow in massive amounts. Some plants are even more than a thousand years old.

Where does marijuana grow naturally? Cannabis is native to a number of climates and regions around the world. However, it has adapted to climates in other parts of the world. In fact, many of the Indica strains originated in the Middle East and Northern Africa, where it thrives in dry climates. This is because marijuana evolved to thrive in denser climates. The plants have the proper climate for cannabis to grow in, and can survive even in the high altitudes of the Himalayas.