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where does marijuana come from

Where Does Marijuana Come From?

There is no clear answer as to where marijuana comes from. Its name comes from Mexican Spanish. The plant may have been brought to North America by the Anglo-Saxons. However, scientists do not agree on the exact origin of marijuana. Researchers believe it originated in Central Asia and moved southward. The plant spread to the Americas in the nineteenth century. In that time, it spread to Africa, South America, and North America. qualifying conditions for medical marijuana card in ny

Cannabis has a long history, dating back thousands of years in Asia. The plant was used by ancient peoples for spiritual and medicinal purposes. It was also used by medieval Germans and Vikings for toothaches. In spite of these recent revelations, the question remains, where does marijuana come from? Let’s take a closer look. This plant was first used more than 5,000 years ago. In fact, it is estimated that humans have been using cannabis for more than 7,000 years.

Cannabis was likely first used as a medicine in about 6,000 years ago. In 2737 BC, Chinese Emperor Shen Nung wrote that cannabis was effective in treating ailments like gout and rheumatism. The name Shen Nung comes from a deity in the Chinese religion. Historians have been unable to prove this for several centuries because Ancient Chinese did not record dates. However, there is archaeological evidence from this time period in China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Cannabis comes in many forms. The most common form is cannabis sativa, which contains psychoactive properties. The non-psychoactive form is Cannabis sativa L. and hashish. Both plants are commonly used in cigarettes, pipes, and even in baked foods. Some strains are even used as fuel and in tea. In other cases, they are referred to as hemp. There are about 120 different active ingredients in marijuana, with CBD and THC the most common.

While most people think of marijuana as an evil plant, it is not. It has been legal for most of its history in many regions of the world. French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck first identified marijuana as a plant in 1817. Later, Russian botanist D.E. Janischevisky identified it as a weed in 1924. Its name was changed to cannabis indica after the 19th century.

Despite these risks, marijuana fields have managed to survive through millennia. During this time, these fields likely endured devastating earthquakes and countless invasions. Even today, regional law enforcement and military groups are dedicated to combating illegal cultivation of marijuana. Even with these obstacles, marijuana continues to grow in mountains to this day. The question remains, however, where does marijuana come from? The answer depends on where it is grown.

In the U.S., marijuana is used for several purposes, most commonly smoking. Smoking marijuana releases THC, a cannabinoid that produces a “high.” People who smoke the drug smoke it in a cigarette, or inhale it through a variety of apparatus. THC enters the bloodstream through the lungs’ alveoli. When it reaches the bloodstream, it creates hallucinogens. These hallucinogens can cause serious damage to the brain and central nervous system.