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when was marijuana first used

When Was Marijuana First Used?

The history of the United States’ relationship with marijuana can be traced back to the Colonial Era. In the 17th century, the American government encouraged hemp production for rope, sails, clothing, and other goods. Domestic hemp production continued until the Civil War, when it was replaced by imported crops. Marijuana’s use increased in the late 19th century and the drug was popular among college students and beat generation members. The drug’s popularity led to its use in various pharmaceutical products. how to get marijuana card in ny

During the Napoleonic Wars, the Queen of Portugal, a member of the Portuguese royal family, was stationed in Brazil. In 1798, the French army had invaded Egypt and Syria. They had attempted to maintain local support by embracing Islamic culture and scientific exchange. Despite this ban, the Queen of Portugal continued to use marijuana as part of her cultural and religious life. By the time the French invaded Brazil and ruled the region, the drug was widely used among both local people and the Europeans.

Throughout the world, marijuana was used for medicinal purposes. In China, the use of marijuana was recorded as early as 2700 B.C. and was widespread in many countries by the 19th century. In England, the 1830s saw William O’Shaughnessy reintroduced marijuana into the medicinal field after observing its therapeutic benefits in India. Many Victorian Britons consumed cannabis tinctures for various ailments. In the 1840s, the French researcher Jacques-Joseph Moreau began researching marijuana and its effects. The drug was used to treat nausea, increase appetite, and ease sleep.