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when was marijuana first discovered

When Was Marijuana First Discovered?

Cannabis was first discovered in the Middle East and North Africa during the Pleistocene era. It was originally cultivated by the Scythians, a nomadic group from the Iranian Eurasian region. These nomads brought the plant to other parts of Asia, such as Iran and Anatolia, and it spread quickly. Herodotus, a Greek historian, first wrote about the use of Cannabis by these people. Eventually, Cannabis reached Europe and Africa. sign up for medical marijuana card online jefferson county ny

In 1783, French Naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck described a new species of Cannabis based on plant specimens he collected in India. He stated that the Cannabis Sativa found in Europe was quite different from the Cannabis in India. Lamarck added the word “Indica” to distinguish the two. Despite the fact that it is now illegal in most countries, cannabis has been cultivated for centuries and is used today for many medical purposes.

Archeologists have found ancient tools used for burning Psychoactive Marijuana. Chinese Emperor Shen Nung created the earliest written record of Marijuana use in 2727 BC. Even before that, the plant was used in ancient societies as rope and cloth. Hundreds of years later, the plant is becoming legal in many countries. The cannabis plant continues to gain popularity and acceptance in modern society. There is no reason why the plant should remain illegal.

The United States Pharmacopeia is the official standards-setting body in the United States. In the 1950s, marijuana was listed as a cure for various ailments including anthrax, leprosy, tonsillitis, and incontinence. In 1961, the United States Pharmacopeia convenes once every decade to determine whether marijuana is a safe drug. If we are to believe that it is safe to use, then the answer is no.

In the late 1800s, Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy studied cannabis in India. He observed that the compounds in marijuana could help people suffering from cholera. As a result, marijuana extracts began to be sold in doctors’ offices and pharmacies. Later, scientists isolated and characterized the first cannabinoid, or AEA, in the human brain. They called the compound anandamide, after its chemical name. The name is related to the word ananda, which means “bliss.”

The oldest evidence that cannabis was used by humans is 2,500 years ago in Central Asia. Its seeds and plants were found at other archaeological sites during the same period of time. In 2016, a ‘burial shroud’ containing cannabis seeds was discovered in a Central Asian cemetery. It is possible that cannabis was used for ritual purposes as early as 2500 BC. But the truth is, we cannot say when humans first smoked cannabis.

Cannabis has a long history of spiritual use in India. According to legend, Hindu god Shiva rested under a cannabis plant and was called Lord of Bhang. In addition, the Vedas reference cannabis as a remedy for anxiety, and describe its dropping of nectar into the plant. It has become an integral part of Indian culture. So how long ago was marijuana first discovered? And how was it used? Let’s explore the history of marijuana in Indian mythology and see what our ancestors knew.