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when to top marijuana

When to Top Your Marijuana Plant

You may be wondering when to top your marijuana plant. Topping is an important part of marijuana cultivation because it can increase the number of colas and growth tips your plant produces. Cannabis plants should be topped about two weeks before the end of their vegetative stage. The best time to top your marijuana plant depends on several factors, including the light, water, and soil conditions. To help you decide the right time to top your cannabis plant, read the following tips. status of ny medical marijuana card

Cannabis plants are strong enough to be topped once they have reached the third to fifth leaf nodes. Topping, however, can cause the plants to slow down, because they are stressed out by cutting off significant growth. Consequently, marijuana plants should be healthy before you attempt to top them. Topping also prevents the plant from regrowing vertically, because the crop will focus all of its energy on one main top. If you don’t top your cannabis plant regularly, it may end up putting all its energy into one main top.

When to top your marijuana plant, make sure you cut the main stalk above the fifth node. By doing this, you can force the plant to grow laterally and increase the yield. Topping is a crucial part of cannabis cultivation, so be sure you’re comfortable with it and use the right tools. Remember to sterilize your tools and avoid cross-contamination! Topping a cannabis plant requires a sharp edge, so use sterile garden shears or scissors.