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when to top marijuana plant

When to Top Your Marijuana Plant

Cannabis plants can be topped at any point in their vegetative stage. The process of topping helps the plant divert energy into new growth instead of concentrating on one single cola. Topping allows the plant to focus on the growth of several colas, each with a bud. Topping is most effective when done when the plant has four or more nodes. Waiting a few days after topping the plant can give it extra time to recover. can you buy from a california dispensary with a ny medical marijuana card

Topping is best performed on young cannabis plants with two to five nodes. The process of topping involves cutting off the top growth above the node. Once the plant has two axillary buds, two new branches will emerge. These new branches will develop one or two leaf sets. Once they are fully developed, the plant will have four evenly spaced branches. You can repeat this process as needed. The first time you top your marijuana plant, wait until the nodes form side branches.

Cannabis plants change their growth habits and nutrient requirements during flowering. They focus their energy on flower production, so they tend to grow much slower than other times. Topping your cannabis plant during this phase can cause stress and lower yields. The stress caused by topping means more energy must be spent on repairs than developing flowers. So, before you top your marijuana plant, make sure it is fully healthy and has five to seven leaf nodes.