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when to top a marijuana plant

When to Top a Marijuana Plant

When to top a marijuana plant? The process is a bit tricky, so here are some tips: update medical marijuana card ny dept of health

Topping a cannabis plant will increase the number of colas and growth tips. If done correctly, topping will increase yields by one to three times. Cannabis plants should be topped at least once during their lives. Each topping will increase the number of top branches, and will also give your plant a bushier appearance. Topping will also allow the lower branches more light, so make sure to leave 2 nodes intact.

When to top a marijuana plant is important for both aesthetic and nutritional reasons. It is during this time of the plant’s growth cycle that its nutrients and energy are directed towards flower production. In addition, it may increase stress, resulting in smaller yields. Cutting off the top during flowering forces the plant to focus its energy on repairing itself, which means it isn’t spending it on developing flowers. Hence, it is best to wait until the plant is thirty days old before you top it.

The next reason to top a marijuana plant is for height control. Topping can be done several times to achieve a wide canopy. By pinching out the growing tip, you can encourage two new branches to grow. The new shoots will develop faster and produce larger buds. This way, you can keep the leggy plant in check. It is also easy to perform. When to top a marijuana plant, use a sterilized knife or scissors.

When to top a marijuana plant, you should first cut off the topmost branch of the main stem. Depending on the genetics, this process can create up to 8 new stems. If done correctly, topping can increase yields by 5%. Over-topping, on the other hand, can reduce yields in some genetics. For this reason, you should be aware of how much topping your plant should be done.

While cannabis plants do not grow any taller once they reach flowering, it can be topped at an advanced stage. This will increase their yields and ensure an even distribution of cannabinoids. Moreover, late-tops may make your marijuana plant bushier and wider. Then, you can harvest the flowers and harvest it for a maximum profit! After all, your cannabis plant deserves it! So, when to top a marijuana plant depends on your personal preference.

Cannabis plants exhibit apical dominance, which means that the growing tip is taller than the rest of the plant. This behavior is similar to the type of dominance shown by conifer trees, where one tall central branch is surrounded by thin branches. In this manner, the marijuana plant is more likely to produce a larger yield if it’s topped regularly. There are other reasons to top a cannabis plant, so it’s worth it to learn how to do it properly.

Cannabis topping is similar to fimming, but the process differs. Topping involves cutting a shoot between three and five nodes on a plant’s main stem. FIMing, or cutting the top growth in half, leaves two new growth sites and creates a messy new structure with three to eight extra nodes. It also doesn’t slow down vertical growth. When to top a marijuana plant depends on the type of growth you are trying to achieve.