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when to harvest marijuana plant

When to Harvest Marijuana

The process of when to harvest marijuana starts when the fan leaves of the cannabis plant turn yellow. This is a normal stage and indicates that it is time to harvest. This phase is also characterized by the appearance of pistils, which are hair-like growths on the buds. During the vegetative stage, these growths are hidden by bracts. Later in the flowering stage, these growths will begin to turn orange or red. You should harvest marijuana when the color of the pistil hairs is at least 50% to 70%. i have medical marijuana card where do i get in ny

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced grower, you can determine the perfect harvesting time for your plant by carefully observing it. After it reaches a certain stage, you can start harvesting by carefully pruning the branches. Be sure to prune off any small leaves with trichomes because these will be used for hashish or extractions. Once the buds are harvested, you can either dry them or store them for future use.

When it comes to harvesting marijuana, keep in mind that the color of your trichomes is an indicator of its maturity. Indicas are ready to be harvested after eight weeks, while Sativas are ready between seven and 10 weeks. Autoflowers are ready sooner, and you can begin harvesting them at a later stage if you want a relaxed high. But remember that harvesting marijuana is a personal decision.

After you’ve harvested your buds, it is time to dry and cure them. Curing your cannabis buds is a process that requires patience. A good technique is to gently shake the jars with the buds for a month. Make sure to open and close the jars regularly throughout the month. This process can also help you get a great harvest. However, it is a good idea to dry your buds before harvesting to avoid mold.

The optimal time to harvest marijuana is when the resin on the cannabis plant turns brown. This stage is also called the “flowering window”. The ideal time for harvesting depends on the desired effect that you’d like to get from it. It corresponds with the peak of trichome development. While this is an important factor, it is not the only factor. It is vital to monitor the development of the pistils so that you don’t miss any important signs.

Another factor that determines when to harvest marijuana is temperature. If temperatures are below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, ice crystals can harm plant cells, causing the leaves to look dark and crispy. This is particularly true for potted plants, which are more likely to suffer from frost damage. Generally, rain isn’t a problem, but prolonged rainfall can cause mold to form. If rain is expected, it is OK to harvest marijuana.

It is also crucial to harvest a cannabis plant when the trichomes turn amber. This will allow the flower to reach its peak THC content. If you harvest your plant before this point, you’ll be left with low yields and low potency. However, if you wait until the trichomes turn grey, you may be disappointed with low-quality weed. The peak harvesting period can take anywhere from four to seven weeks.