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when did michael phelps test positive for marijuana

When Did Michael Phelps Test Positive For Marijuana?

While it’s unclear when did Michael Phelps test positive for marijuana, the swimmer did face consequences for his use of the drug. Although the swimmer did not fail a drug test before the 2008 Olympics, his suspension was issued afterward. The punishment was implemented by the US Swimming Organization, not the International Olympic Committee. Phelps’ suspension was for non-medical marijuana use. His sponsorship with Kellogg’s ended after he was banned from competition. ny medical marijuana card expiration

The Olympic swimming champion admitted to having poor judgment when he published a picture of himself smoking a marijuana pipe. While the suspension is unlikely to interfere with his swimming eligibility, it might impact his multimillion dollar sponsorship deals. In 2009, he was suspended from competition for three months. The suspension lasted until the end of the 2009 World Championships, when he defended his actions.

A year later, Phelps was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. The incident took place during his time at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Although Phelps later apologized for his actions, the resulting case resulted in a fine and 18 months of probation. Despite the media storm, Phelps remains an icon who has won millions of gold medals and is a role model to millions of children around the world.

Richardson, meanwhile, has been suspended from the Olympic team for a month. The ban may be a permanent one, but Richardson’s suspension from the Olympics is likely to be shorter than that. Although he is suspended for a month, his performance has not suffered. The ban is a punishment for recreational use, not for doping. However, Richardson’s suspension is an example of how the anti-doping rules should apply to recreational marijuana use.

Although the World Anti-Doping Agency is not the sole organization that sanctions athletes for using weed, the drug is still prohibited for competition. In fact, other athletes have tested positive for marijuana and retained their medals. That’s why a change in the rules would be much welcomed. The question is, when did Michael Phelps test positive for marijuana? If the athlete has used marijuana, it will have negative effects on his performance and could result in his disqualification.

In 2009, Phelps was banned from competition for three months. He was also stripped of his major Kellogg sponsorship. Many people compared Richardson’s suspension to Phelps’, though the two athletes have very different records. However, Phelps’ suspension came six months after the Beijing Olympics, five months before the 2009 World Championships, while Richardson was suspended weeks before the Rio Olympics.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency says Richardson tested positive for marijuana on June 19, 2021. He had just qualified for the Olympics. However, he later took responsibility for his positive test. He said he ingested marijuana in Oregon to cope with the loss of his biological mother. As a result, he will miss the Tokyo Olympics. Moreover, the World Anti-Doping Agency aims to prevent athletes from taking illegal drugs.