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what states is recreational marijuana legal

What States Is Recreational Marijuana Legal?

If you want to know in what states is recreational marijuana legal, read on. By the time you’re finished reading this article, there will be 18 legal states in the US. Some of them are already on the ballot in 2020. Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Alabama have all legalized marijuana and other forms of cannabis. Others are on the verge of legalization, and there is still some uncertainty. medical marijuana id card ny

New York legalized recreational marijuana on March 31, 2021. It is currently illegal to sell recreational cannabis to anyone younger than 21, but sales are expected to begin in late 2022. Analysts have estimated that New York will be a $5 billion marijuana market by 2025. Meanwhile, in Florida, a ballot initiative will make cannabis legal for adults over 21. The medical marijuana program in Florida has been a success since 2017. And in Arkansas, a local group has begun collecting signatures for a recreational marijuana ballot initiative in 2020.

In Maine, the state’s voters approved a ballot initiative that allowed adults over 21 to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana for personal use. This is more than double the amount of other states. Massachusetts was the first east coast state to legalize marijuana, with dispensaries opening their doors to consumers in November 2018. While adults can now carry up to an ounce of marijuana, it’s still illegal to use it in public.

Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational cannabis. However, home growing remains illegal unless for medical purposes. Now, adults over 21 can purchase up to an ounce of usable marijuana. But it is still illegal to use marijuana in public, so it is best to use marijuana responsibly and only if you’re a member of the age group. Fortunately, there are many states with more marijuana dispensaries than McDonald’s or Starbucks combined.

In the past, cannabis was illegal in most states. However, as the plant has become more potent over the years, the law passed the first legal state to legalize recreational marijuana. In Colorado, the law passed by the legislature in 2016 allowed residents to purchase marijuana for recreational use in dispensaries. In addition to the marijuana laws, the sale of marijuana infused products is taxed based on its THC content. This means that marijuana infused products, including edibles, will be taxed at a rate of twenty percent.

Michigan recently passed Proposition 1 to legalize marijuana use for adults over 21. This measure allows residents to grow up to six marijuana plants at home, and the state reported more than $2 million in tax revenue for recreational marijuana sales in 2019. Another legalization bill, called Initiative 190, passed in Montana by a margin of more than 57%. However, some communities have opted out of recreational marijuana entirely. A referendum to legalize marijuana is expected in November 2020 in the state.