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what states is marijuana legal in 2022

What States Is Marijuana Legal In 2022?

What states are going to be legal for recreational and medical marijuana use in 2022? The answer may surprise you. Vermont will be one of the first to legalize marijuana for adults. The law states that adults over 21 can possess one ounce of flower, five grams of THC concentrate, and grow up to six marijuana plants. While it’s still illegal to sell marijuana at retail, Vermont lawmakers recently passed a tax-and-regulate bill. In April of that year, the retail market is expected to be up and running. medical marijuana card ny fees waived

The results of a recent poll reveal that a majority of American adults support legalizing marijuana at the state level. While only 31% of respondents said they would approve of marijuana legalization in some way, that number rose to 50% by the year 2022. And the support for marijuana legalization is not limited to Democrats: Republicans and independents are both in favor. The percentage of Democrats who support marijuana legalization is increasing, too. And a CBS News/YouGov poll found that two-thirds of Americans favor marijuana legalization. As of this writing, the Pew Research Center has found similar numbers.

The state of Rhode Island has already passed its own legalization law, the Rhode Island Cannabis Act. The state legislature has also passed several other marijuana legalization bills, including 2022-H 7593Aaa and 2022-S 2430Aaa. However, the South Dakota Supreme Court recently struck down the state’s recreational cannabis amendment. In addition to the Supreme Court ruling, a number of other states are currently considering legalization. If these measures pass, recreational marijuana will likely become legal in most states by the end of the decade.

Mississippi recently changed from a third-degree limited access state to a second-degree medical use law. This legislation was passed by Republican Gov. Tate Reeves in February 2022. The law ends a 15-month stalemate between lawmakers and voters. If this legislation becomes law, the state will be ready to legalize marijuana by 2022. While this legislation is far from perfect, it marks a historic milestone for the state.

The state of Nebraska is still illegal for recreational use, but the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill in April 2022 that legalized the substance for medicinal use. While passing marijuana legislation in a Republican-controlled state is difficult, advocates are planning to put legalization measures on the ballot in 2022. Additionally, in November, South Dakota voted in favor of a dual marijuana legalization ballot measure. Its legalization will depend on how the voters vote in that state.

In 2020, Rhode Island is expected to become the first southern state to legalize recreational marijuana. Despite a few setbacks, it is likely to be legal by then. Gov. Dan McKee pushed back the date of recreational marijuana to 2022 after announcing that he would introduce the bill in his 2022 budget. Meanwhile, the state has made strides toward regulating the industry and providing relief to communities that have been torn apart by the war on drugs.