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what states is marijuana legal in 2016

What States Are Marijuana Legal in 2016?

Until now, it was difficult to find out what states are legal for marijuana use, but a landmark state law has made it possible. New York, for example, legalized marijuana last year. This was largely due to LGBTQ activists advocating for AIDS patients. The new law guarantees expungement of low-level marijuana offenses, and nearly half a million people could have their records cleared by the end of December 2020. medical marijuana green card buffalo ny

While most of the country is legal for recreational use, eleven states have banned it completely. Only Mississippi and Alabama have yet to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. However, both states are expected to legalize the drug in the next few years. And the United States Supreme Court is likely to take up the issue in 2020. Ultimately, marijuana use will be legal in every state. And in 2016, there are only a few states that have not made it illegal.

In Colorado, recreational use of marijuana was legalized in December 2012, and on December 7, the state licensing board began accepting applications for recreational marijuana shops. The first four retail stores opened on July 8, and now there are several hundred stores across the state. In Washington State, recreational marijuana was legalized on a ballot initiative in 2000, but it failed. The measure failed with 59 percent opposition. And Colorado recently passed a recreational marijuana bill known as HB 1420.