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what states have recreational marijuana

What States Have Recreational Marijuana Legalized?

The number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana continues to rise, with the most recent addition of New York. Despite the lack of immediate recreational sales in New York, it’s already the 15th state to do so. In addition to being legal, every state on this list allowed medical use of marijuana prior to legalizing it for recreational use. In the meantime, the following states are pursuing legalization in their respective state elections. renew medical marijuana card ny state

While Colorado started the movement, four other states have followed suit since its legalization, and the fourth one, Colorado, will be among the first to legalize the drug on Election Day 2020. New York and Connecticut made the long-awaited leap into the legal marijuana industry in March and followed suit shortly thereafter. The states that have legalized marijuana are currently California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Maine, Washington, and Oregon. Whether or not you live in one of these states depends on your personal situation and the law in your state.

Colorado’s new legalization of marijuana has allowed residents to purchase it for recreational use in licensed dispensaries. However, the laws governing marijuana use remain strict. Residents must still obtain a valid medical marijuana card from a licensed dispensary before they can consume it. The new laws will be in effect April 12, 2021. Additionally, Washington, DC, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands all have medical marijuana programs. These programs vary widely by state, and they will have to be implemented before the law changes in Colorado.

Although South Dakota’s legal marijuana initiative was struck down in court, a similar law was passed in Vermont in 2018. It became effective in July 2018, but it doesn’t have a legal market for recreational marijuana yet. It’s important to note that South Dakota’s law isn’t final yet. Further legalization in South Dakota isn’t likely to happen before April 2022. The law in Vermont was passed by Republican Gov. Phil Scott in January.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island both passed bills in June 2021 that made marijuana legal for recreational use. Both legalization bills were signed by the governor and will allow adults to possess up to three ounces. The law also requires the establishment of two regulatory agencies for the sale and distribution of marijuana. The law also allows people to expunge marijuana-related records. Despite the lack of legalization in Massachusetts, it is still a good sign that the next state will follow suit.

Michigan has a legal medical marijuana program and has legalized recreational marijuana for adults in 2021. It also is the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use without voter approval. Marijuana dispensaries can be found in Michigan. In addition to marijuana, the state has approved delivery of pot to adults over 21. Licensed marijuana dispensaries in Michigan will allow individuals 21 and over to purchase their own personal weed. For legal information, visit the Marijuana Regulatory Agency.