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what states are recreational marijuana

What States Are Recreational Marijuana?

You may have wondered what states are recreational marijuana. The good news is that more states are legalizing marijuana every year, and a bipartisan pair of state senators have announced that Massachusetts will be one of them. The move to legalize marijuana would make it easier for people to access the plant and enjoy the benefits without a criminal record. This bill would legalize cannabis on a federal level, expunge criminal records for nonviolent marijuana offenses, and fund social programs in communities that are disproportionately affected by overpolicing. how to buy marijuana with card in ny

Although Massachusetts has a history of legislating social trends, including the ban on Sunday booze sales and the ban on tattooing until 2000, it has been a pioneer in legalizing marijuana. Although retail sales began in July 2018, the process has been slow. As of October 2018, there were only 77 recreational dispensaries operating in the state. The state is also taking strides in restorative justice, with Governor Steve Sisolak pardoning more than 15,000 people for marijuana-related offenses.

Legalized cannabis is legal in 38 states as of June 20, including the District of Columbia. Other states with legalized cannabis include California, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and the US Virgin Islands. Some states have other laws, including the prohibition on driving while high. But in general, the states have made the process easier than ever. It’s likely that you’ll see legalized marijuana on the ballot in your state soon.

Although Maine has the highest rate of legalization among states, the retail industry is not fully set up until 2020. Currently, marijuana is legal only in some cities and towns, but the state is largely dependent on small-scale growers for growth. In addition, multi-state cannabis companies are targeting Maine’s market. In fact, Keef is already on the shelves in dispensaries in Maine. But before the state becomes fully legal, a cannabis-legal state must have a clear marijuana law.

In Colorado, adults over 21 can possess an ounce of marijuana. They can also grow up to six plants, though only three plants can be mature. It is also legal to give an ounce of marijuana to a friend or family member. And Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 in November 2018, making it legal for adults to possess and distribute small amounts of cannabis. However, consumption of marijuana in public places remains illegal. But this does not mean that marijuana has become more readily available in Illinois.

In a recent vote, the state Senate passed a bill to write cannabis prohibition into the state constitution, which would prevent citizens from voting on the issue. But the measure is still not lawful. The measure is currently stuck in the state legislature. So, the question remains, how will this state legalize marijuana? The answer depends on the political climate, but the state is making strides every day. This is a growing trend that will require more legalization.