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what state is marijuana legal

What State Is Marijuana Legal?

In what state is marijuana legal? It depends on where you live, but if you’re looking to use marijuana for recreational purposes, you might be pleasantly surprised by the answer. While recreational use has become legal in more than two dozen states, the federal government hasn’t yet decided whether pot is safe to use. The states that have legalized marijuana include Washington, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. These states have many different laws governing cannabis, including the use and possession of small amounts, as well as how it is grown. heres how i got my ny medical marijuana card

Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2020, and residents can now grow up to four plants per household. They can also possess one ounce of weed. Medical marijuana patients can also visit one of the four dispensaries in Colorado. The first dispensaries are expected to open early in 2022, so they’ll probably be a few months away. If you want to smoke weed legally, there are still a few things you need to do before purchasing your first plant.

While the state of Wisconsin has a shaky history of decriminalization, it’s still a hot spot for legalization efforts. Though marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin, Democratic Governor Tony Evers has pushed for full legalization for medicinal purposes. The conservative state legislature hasn’t been so friendly to the idea, though. However, in South Dakota, two ballot measures legalized marijuana for recreational use in November.

While legalization isn’t yet complete, the state’s recent history has shown that recreational use of cannabis is becoming easier and more common. A study by the ACLU found that blacks were more likely than whites to be arrested for possession of marijuana in 2018 compared to whites. Further, marijuana will be legal for medicinal use in New Mexico. While this is a great step for the state’s economy, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Kansas will likely spawn several other benefits for the state, such as more jobs, tax revenue, and better healthcare.

While many states have legalized marijuana, South Dakota remains one of the most conservative states. Despite its conservative reputation, residents voted in favor of recreational and medicinal marijuana in November. However, Republican Governor Krisi Noem filed a lawsuit challenging the recreational provision. This lawsuit was rejected by a 4-1 margin. The state is still waiting on the outcome of the legalization efforts. When marijuana is legal in South Dakota, it will probably be legal in every state.

The legal marijuana market is estimated to reach $4.4 billion dollars a year. But the illicit market may be up to three times as large. However, other states have learned from the mistakes of New York and Colorado. In the past, legalizing marijuana has focused on turning black-market operators into legal businesses, and making it easier for consumers to purchase it. Despite the growing popularity of marijuana, many states are still working to make sure the legal market stays in the black.