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what is the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana

What is the Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana?

The biggest difference between recreational and medical cannabis is the level of THC in the latter. Recreational marijuana is usually higher in THC, but medical cannabis doesn’t produce the same “high” effect. Also, medical marijuana products are generally of higher quality. There are a number of differences between medical and recreational marijuana, but there are some similarities as well. This article explains the key differences between the two types of cannabis. medical marijuana card ny cost waived

Medical and recreational marijuana are made from the same cannabis plant, but grow differently. In addition to potency, the differences in cultivation and production processes play a major role in the final product. Medical marijuana goes through a stricter process than recreational marijuana. The latter is grown outside, while medical marijuana is grown indoors. While recreational marijuana is legal for those who are over 21, it is not recommended for those under the age of 21.

Although both are legal, they are very different. Medical marijuana is considered a medicine and can help treat several chronic medical conditions. Recreational marijuana, on the other hand, is considered a recreational drug. It is legal only in states where it is strictly regulated. Recreational marijuana can be used by anyone without a prescription. However, it is illegal to use medical marijuana for recreational purposes. Unlike medicinal marijuana, recreational pot users are often forced to hide their use.

Although recreational cannabis is not legal in all states, Colorado is one of the few that allow consumption of it. While recreational marijuana users are allowed to possess up to one ounce, medical cannabis patients are allowed to possess and consume significantly more than those who are only allowed to possess the plant in their home. Furthermore, the difference in the amount of marijuana that a medical marijuana user can possess in the house is also vast. Unlike recreational users, medical marijuana patients are also allowed to grow three mature marijuana plants or three immature plants indoors. A physician’s prescription is necessary for medical marijuana. In some states, landlords will prohibit smoking or vaping, but not other forms of marijuana.

Medical marijuana is legal only in states where it has been approved by the state’s Department of Health. The person who wishes to consume medical marijuana must have a condition qualifying it. The list of qualifying conditions varies with each state. To get the medical marijuana card, the patient must have a valid medical license issued by the state. Some states also require a database entry from the patient. So, to avoid getting arrested, you should obtain a medical marijuana prescription before using it for recreational purposes.

Another main difference is in tax rates. Medical marijuana is taxed minimally in most states while recreational marijuana is taxed 20 to 35 percent in adult-use states. Arizona, on the other hand, only taxes medical marijuana. The excise tax on recreational marijuana is only sixteen percent. The difference between recreational and medical marijuana is significant for the patient. Therefore, medical cannabis is cheaper for regular users. This is the biggest difference between recreational and medical marijuana.