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what is a napalm marijuana grenade

What is a Napalm Marijuana Grenade?

You may be asking, “What is a napalm marijuana grenande??” This article will help answer that question. In this piece, I’ll describe what exactly it is. It’s a marijuana grenade containing seven grams of premium indoor cannabis flower along with one gram of live resin. The live resin is added to a paper called Lift Tickets, which is then infused with potent terpenes. You can also smell the terpenes as they are released into your smoke. medical marijuana card ny cost

The reason for the name of this weed brand came from Xzibit’s controversial album of the same name. The weed he released under this name was packaged in bomb and grenade-style containers, and he explained the meaning behind the ‘Napalm’ name, which he thought was “inappropriate”. The rapper has not confirmed plans to change the name of his marijuana business, but his response to the backlash has been very interesting.

Napalm’s Grenade pre-roll is a great example of innovative marketing for cannabis. The product’s unique packaging has a sleek, off-the-charm look and tastes. Its premium flower makes it a perfect flex piece that can be sold for $150. Xzibit even sells the Grenade strain directly to consumers. However, you’re unlikely to find a higher quality product anywhere else.

When thrown on a flat surface, the Napalm Grenade produces a small fiery flash that does not produce a bed of fire. The Napalm Grenade is the fifth-heaviest grenade in multiplayer, and it’s used primarily as a close-combat weapon. The Napalm Grenade has very high damage, so you should always aim for the middle of the bed of fire to hit a soldier.