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what is a marijuana grenade

What is a Marijuana Grenade?

Cannabis products laced with cannabis have gained notoriety after a recent incident in Los Angeles. One such dispensary, The Higher Path, recently named one of its products, “The Grenade,” after a popular hip-hop song. The name was initially controversial because it conjured up images of deadly weapons that are not usually celebrated. But now, it is quickly gaining popularity and making the cannabis industry more competitive. medical marijuana id card ny

In 2016, the band Hollywood Undead re-enacted the ‘We Are the Dead’ theme in the form of a cannabis brand called Dove & Grenade. The brand specializes in premium, pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. And no, these marijuana cigarettes are not for the suit-wearing set. The band members, George Ragan and Jorel Decker, began studying marijuana and cannabis cultivation in California in 2013, and have since helped other grow operations throughout the country.

But the marijuana company has been in legal trouble before. Last month, a customer filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, claiming that their Brass Knuckles THC oil had been contaminated with pesticides. The lawsuit went through the courts and ultimately found that the oil contained detectable levels of pesticides. Xzibit is now unsure whether or not he will change the name of the marijuana business, but he certainly hasn’t changed his mind.