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what happens if you eat marijuana

What Happens If You Eat Marijuana?

If you’re wondering what happens if you eat marijuana, you’re not alone. Marijuana edibles can be disguised as regular snacks such as cookies, chips, or candy. But they’re actually dangerous for children. The THC content in edibles can make them extremely ill, and they could even end up in the hospital. Since kids are more likely to be exposed to marijuana through their parents and family members, it’s vital to keep edibles out of reach of your kids. how to cancel ny medical marijuana card

While the effects of eating marijuana don’t kill you, they’re not immediately apparent. Instead, the effects are delayed for several hours. They depend on the THC content of the food you eat, how much you consume, and whether or not you ingest any other drugs. Fortunately, these effects should pass within two hours. Although it’s not recommended to consume marijuana in large amounts, the effects should be noticeable within two hours.

Eating marijuana won’t get you high and you won’t experience the same high as when you smoke it. It’s best to avoid eating it raw, which isn’t pleasant. Weed must go through a process called decarboxylation, during which the plant’s THCA component changes into THC. This process typically involves heat. While weed is not safe for consumption raw, it can be incorporated into baked goods, such as cookies or brownies.

In addition to medicinal benefits, cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties and can help people fall asleep. It’s also good for overall health, because it contains flavonoids, a group of compounds believed to help people feel better. Raw marijuana is also rich in anthocyanin, an element found in a lot of superfoods. It can help you fall asleep naturally and stay asleep through REM sleep cycles.

If you’re new to consuming weed edibles, it’s important to understand that potency varies. A single gram of bud contains 2.5 milligrams of THC, which is enough to get high. A single edible bar can contain up to 100 milligrams of THC, which translates to about 10 doses for an experienced cannabis user. Children, however, can easily eat a whole bar of chocolate.

Eating raw cannabis is a bit trickier than eating it. Some people try eating raw cannabis leaves, adding them to salads or other dishes. Others prefer to juice the whole plant – including the stem and buds – instead of the smoked buds. Juicing weed is a popular alternative to smoking and can be a healthy option for many people. However, it can be risky because you don’t want your kids to be ill or feel groggy.

While the effects of marijuana consumption vary widely, it’s important to note that the time required for your body to process the drug depends on the amount consumed. While smoking marijuana has the effects instantly, eating marijuana is more likely to leave you high for three or four hours. And the effects will last for as long as eight hours. This means that you shouldn’t consume marijuana before a long drive. If you’re new to it, start out with small amounts and work your way up.