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what happened when michael phelps tested positive for marijuana

What Happened When Michael Phelps Tested Positive For Marijuana?

The controversy over Michael Phelps’ positive test for marijuana isn’t new. It’s happened before, but this time a photo of the Olympian was published. In November 2008, the swim star was pictured holding a water pipe and smoking marijuana. He apologized for the photo but did not deny the picture’s authenticity. After the photo was published, Phelps lost his endorsement deal with Kellogg’s Company. While his career did take a turn, he’s likely not going to have to make any significant changes due to the marijuana case. He’s still got plenty of endorsements to come back to. getting medical marijuana card in ny

However, the picture was authentic. Michael Phelps was suspended for three months in 2009 after being caught smoking marijuana. While he did not test positive for marijuana before the Olympics, his suspension was significantly stiffer. USA Swimming cut off financial support and banned him from competing for three months. He also lost his sponsorship deal with Kellogg’s. But, what about the other consequences of this incident?

In February of 2009, Michael Phelps was suspended from competition for smoking marijuana. Although the suspension lasted three months, Phelps didn’t let it stop him from competing. The incident also led to the suspension of Shelby Houlihan from competition for four years. The first major brand to cut ties with Phelps after the scandal was revealed was Kellogg’s, which later signed back with Phelps.

The incident came to light after a Facebook post comparing Sha’Carri Richardson to Michael Phelps, who had used marijuana months after the 2008 Olympics. The News of the World also published the video, which showed Mosley engaging in sexual acts with five prostitutes. Afterwards, Mosley sued the newspaper and won a settlement of $120,000. If you are wondering if Michael Phelps smoked marijuana, there is no way to tell for sure.

Although marijuana use is not the biggest problem in the world, it is still a controversial issue. Other athletes have tested positive for the substance, but have kept their medals. The question is: How many more will follow suit? Certainly, the World Anti-Doping Agency has a lot to answer. If you’re thinking of trying marijuana, make sure it’s not your first choice.

Aside from the obvious scandal, the incident caused the public to question the ethics of using marijuana in sport. After all, the substance had nothing to do with the performance at the Olympic Trials and Richardson admitted to smoking marijuana after his mother’s death. While this is a very serious issue, Richardson’s suspension was retroactive to June 28 and the swimming superstar will likely miss the Tokyo Olympics.

The governing body for the International Swimming League, which offers high-level swimmers an income opportunity, has a zero tolerance for doping. A positive test for THC carries a one-month ban, which could be the end of his post-collegiate career. Thankfully, Phelps never tested positive for marijuana. But it’s not an easy road back. While Phelps never tested positive for marijuana, the suspension is significant.