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what does the bible say about smoking marijuana

What Does the Bible Say About Smoking Marijuana?

If you have asked yourself this question, you are not alone. Marijuana is illegal and has been condemned by the Bible. But do you know what the Bible really says about smoking marijuana? Here’s a look at some of the key passages. You might be surprised to discover how many people claim to be Christians who have never smoked pot. If you’re like them, you’re probably wondering how to find out what the bible really says about marijuana. ny medical marijuana card example

Many Christians argue that smoking marijuana is against the Christian faith. Some say it’s wrong because it’s an abomination to God and that marijuana has medicinal benefits. Others say it’s okay to use marijuana if it’s in moderation. Whatever the case, you can’t make marijuana and Christianity compatible. It just doesn’t go together. And yet, many Christians will point to the Bible to make their case.

Cannabis isn’t a forbidden substance in the Bible. God made all things, including weeds. Noah was told to eat any living thing that moved after the flood. Despite this, Jesus never used marijuana in his Last Supper, a feast that is regularly celebrated in the church. Furthermore, the Bible does not explicitly mention cannabis. However, some passages are based on the Bible’s implicit prohibition on smoking marijuana.

In addition to this, the Bible warns us against destroying God’s work to eat. The same applies to marijuana. In a sense, marijuana use reflects our values and makes it easier for others to justify our behavior. Even though marijuana can be beneficial for our mental health, it can also affect our reputation, which may lead to relapse in the future. So, it’s important to think about your decisions.

While marijuana aren’t directly mentioned in the Bible, cannabis is often associated with hemp. The Bible mentions hemp in various places, and Jesus used Kaneh-bosm in his anointing oil. These are both examples of cannabis usage. Marijuana and biblical references are both controversial and open to interpretation. While we have no hard and fast answer, we can make some informed decisions based on what we believe.

Whether or not cannabis is legal is another issue. Some religions have a clear stance, but that does not mean we should abandon it altogether. As a matter of fact, it’s a matter of personal convictions and the values of your faith. And if you believe in God and your values, you will likely be more willing to change your behavior. If you’re unsure, consult a faith-based organization to find out how they view the issue.

If you’re wondering if the bible says marijuana is acceptable, consider this: a common Jewish prayer is said to be a sham. Marijuana is illegal, according to the Bible. The Bible does not prohibit marijuana use as a way to sin. But it does have some very interesting messages to offer if you’re a Christian. You may find that the dark messages of Pink Floyd and other rock and roll music are still a part of your spiritual practice.