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what does the bible say about marijuana

What Does the Bible Say About Marijuana?

Cannabis use is not condemned by the Bible, and ancient texts did not mention it. However, marijuana and hemp were probably well known to Middle Eastern people. The Hebrew Old Testament does mention hemp, but that does not mean that marijuana was prohibited. The Bible does not directly condemn the use of marijuana, however. Marijuana is a controversial drug in the US, where it is illegal to use or possess it. The Bible does not address marijuana’s medicinal properties. obtaining a medical marijuana card in ny

The Bible does not speak specifically about marijuana’s medicinal value. It does, however, warn against intoxication and altering the mind through the consumption of drugs. Marijuana is a drug meant to alter a person’s mind. Therefore, marijuana and Christian faith do not mix. Nevertheless, some Christians claim that marijuana use is allowed by God, and he created marijuana and poison ivy for human consumption. Even worse, there is a shady connection between marijuana and drug use.

The Bible is clear about its view of alcohol. It treats alcohol as a good thing when consumed in moderation, but it views it as a sin when abused. Marijuana and hemp plants aren’t even mentioned as drugs in the Bible, but they’re mentioned as a drink with meals. Moreover, when consumed in moderation, the Bible’s effects are minor and have no lasting effects on the body.

Marijuana was once illegal, but in the last decade, the US has legalized marijuana. This move has led to the legalization of cannabis, and the use of CBD oil is increasing in popularity. While the Bible doesn’t explicitly say that marijuana is wrong, its legalization has led many to question the validity of this controversial drug. CBD oil and CBD laws have been sweeping the country since 2014 and are primarily aimed at children with epilepsy. Advocates say it is compassionate to make the drug available to children who suffer from epilepsy and seizures.

Marijuana is a common stimulant that produces a mind-altering high, much like alcohol. Both can impair judgment, cause restlessness, and interfere with coordination. Therefore, Bible prohibitions against drunkenness can apply to marijuana intoxication. Contrary to popular belief, a small quantity of marijuana or alcohol does not result in drunkenness. However, an average quantity of marijuana or alcohol does lead to impaired judgment, which can be detrimental to a person’s health.

Cannabis has been a controversial topic in the bible for centuries. While the Bible does not specifically mention marijuana, it does explicitly condemn drunkenness and excessive use. Marijuana is an addictive substance, but it’s worth remembering that it requires a much lower dosage than alcohol to get the same high. In fact, it takes four to eight puffs of marijuana cigarette to get the same effect. Therefore, while the Bible does not specifically ban cannabis, marijuana remains controversial and legal in many parts of the world.

While recreational marijuana is legal in the US, Christians generally consider it a sin. Marijuana uses are used with the intent of getting high, not to cure a disease. Even small amounts of marijuana will not result in intoxication, which is why it is considered a sin in the Bible. However, if one is able to use marijuana in moderation, the Bible does not say it is wrong.