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what does marijuana smell like when it is smoked

What Does Marijuana Smell Like When It Is Smoked?

If you’ve ever wondered what marijuana smells like when smoked, the answer may surprise you. Marijuana has a range of smells, but most strains are characterized by a certain dominant one. Because marijuana is often stored in airtight containers, odors can be reduced to a minimum. Some marijuana strains are known to be incredibly stinky, like Super Skunk, Cat Piss, and Space Queen. The Space Queen, for instance, is known to smell like spoiled dairy, while Super Skunk is said to smell like a skunk. medical marijuana card requirements ny

Marijuana’s aroma comes from its terpenes, which contain different compositions. Some terpenes are more pungent than others, including limonene, which produces a citric citrus scent. In addition to terpenes, age of the plant is another factor that affects marijuana’s scent. Younger marijuana has a milder scent and lower THC content, while older cannabis flowers emit a pungent aroma.

Marijuana plants have a unique group of volatile sulfurs that can vary from earthy to floral to piney. The smell of marijuana varies depending on the maturity of the plant, with immature plants emitting a more pronounced odor. The aroma of marijuana is known to linger in a room for several hours after smoking. It is also sometimes smoked in a car with its windows closed. This practice is known as hotboxing.

In addition to its amazing aromatic fragrance, marijuana also contains medicinal properties. Some strains are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and can even work as a bronchodilator for those with asthma and a gastro-protective agent. Marijuana has also been used to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. When smoked, marijuana smells like piney skunky grass, and can be detected by the nose.

If you smoke cannabis on a regular basis, you’ll want to invest in some cologne or body spray. This can help mask the smell after smoking, but it won’t cover the scent of smoked clothing and hair. It’s also a good idea to use hand sanitizer or perfumed hand lotion to avoid the smell of marijuana in the hands and hair. But this is only a temporary solution; it’s unlikely to last long enough to make the smell go away.

The smell of marijuana varies based on its age and strain. Younger marijuana tends to have a musky smell, while older weeds have an earthier smell. Its aroma is sometimes described with adjectives like spicy, woody, citrusy, and tropical. The terpene profiles of marijuana also determine its smell. The odor of weed is often described by the aging process of the plant, but not all of these attributes affect its flavor.

One study conducted on a small group of participants found that both indica and sativa strains have distinct scents. Sativa marijuana, for example, smells fruity and sweet while indicas have an earthy, herbal smell. Interestingly, the two strains can be crossbred, giving each type an entirely different smell. If you are new to marijuana, you can check out our marijuana odor guide to help you determine which strain is right for you.