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what are short term effects of marijuana

What Are the Short Term Effects of Marijuana?

Cannabis has many short and long term effects on a person’s health, and research into the longer-term effects of cannabis is ongoing. Unfortunately, the drug is still illegal in most countries, making clinical research difficult. And there’s not much evidence from which to draw conclusions. Here are some of the short-term effects of marijuana: medical marijuana card ny cost

Marijuana users can experience anxiety, panic, and paranoia. It can even worsen the symptoms of mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Researchers are still unsure of why marijuana causes paranoia. High doses can cause people to lose touch with reality. Marijuana users should consult a physician before taking this drug. Some people who use marijuana often have withdrawal symptoms. A doctor will be able to offer treatment options and explain any side effects that they might be experiencing.

Cannabis can produce a happy feeling and distorted perceptions of time. Higher doses of marijuana may lead to psychosis. While it doesn’t last long, the effects of cannabis can affect an individual’s ability to perform safety-sensitive tasks, such as driving and operating machinery. In addition, marijuana is known to cause memory loss, anxiety, and decreased motor control. The long-term effects of marijuana use can be devastating for a person.

Although marijuana has a variety of short-term effects, the most common ones are euphoria, pain relief, and elevated heart rates. Marijuana is metabolized quickly in the body, passing from the lungs into the bloodstream and the brain. The effects of marijuana vary widely among different people, depending on the amount they consume and their experience with the drug. The effects of marijuana are typically short-term and last one to three hours.