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states where recreational marijuana is legal

States Where Recreational Marijuana Is Legal

After Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012, a movement quickly followed. Four states approved recreational marijuana laws after the 2016 election, and another four will be able to do the same come Election Day 2020. New York became the latest state to join the legal marijuana fray in March, and Connecticut and New Mexico followed shortly thereafter. There’s still some controversy surrounding legal marijuana in Connecticut, but the move has been well-received by the public. ny medical marijuana card online reviews

While some states still have strict laws about marijuana possession, the issue is growing in popularity. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than two-thirds of American adults support marijuana legalization. In addition to the political implications, marijuana legalization is seen as a social justice initiative. Many argue that marijuana laws disproportionately impact minority communities and are a leading contributor to mass incarceration. Many states have tried to retroactively address the consequences of marijuana prohibition, allowing people to have their convictions expunged or reduced.

Despite its controversial history, Vermont is a progressive state that has made marijuana use legal. In January 2018, Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed a bill into law to legalize marijuana. This law allows adults to carry an ounce of marijuana and grow up to two plants for recreational use. Although the state didn’t establish a legal market, it is still considered an important step in removing the stigma surrounding marijuana. Despite its rocky legal history, Vermont is one of the most promising states for the future of marijuana.

Illinois legalized recreational marijuana for adults in 2019. Residents can now possess up to 30 grams of weed and up to five grams of concentrated substances, and can even gift their friends and family. The state has one of the most liberal medical marijuana markets in the country, and the vote on adult-use will likely be approved by voters in the upcoming 2020 ballot initiative. However, marijuana remains illegal to be consumed in public places. The state of Delaware is another state where it has a long way to go before allowing its recreational use.

Besides Colorado and Washington, a number of states have legalized recreational marijuana, including Rhode Island. By 2020, 18 states and Washington, DC will legalize recreational marijuana. A few states have already passed medical marijuana laws, while the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have made recreational use legal. If you’re looking for a legal pot shop in the next few months, check out these websites. You can also look for a legal marijuana dispensary in your city.

The Maine legislature has also approved the legalization of marijuana. Adults can now own and consume up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, double the legal limit in most other states. In addition, sales of marijuana and cannabis products have to be taxed based on the THC content. Moreover, marijuana is becoming increasingly potent. A tax of more than 25 percent will be charged on marijuana products that contain more than three-quarters of THC. Moreover, the state of Maine is considering adding an additional 3% to its sales tax to help with the financial situation.