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states where marijuana is legal 2020

States Where Marijuana is Legal 2020

If you are interested in knowing where marijuana will be legal in 2020, you are not alone. Many states are preparing for legalization. Many states are already legalizing marijuana for personal use. But how will these laws affect you and your lifestyle? Here are some of the possible scenarios. First, Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2014. Next, Washington will allow adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. Moreover, adults can cultivate up to six plants and transfer them to another adult who is 21. However, the transfer should not involve monetary exchanges or be advertised to the public. update medical marijuana card ny dept of health

After the success of Colorado’s medical marijuana law, four more states have passed legislation to legalize it for recreational use. By 2020, all four states will be fully legal. New York is one of the states that have already made the leap and passed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. Connecticut and New Mexico will follow soon. The green wave is expected to continue to sweep the country. In the meantime, it is important to understand that the law varies from state to state.

It is essential to remember that legalizing marijuana is not just about the money. This new industry must also address the racial disparities in the U.S. Historically, marijuana prohibition has targeted minorities and has led to mass incarceration. Efforts to legalize marijuana have resulted in more politicians endorsing decriminalization. The MORE Act, meanwhile, would decriminalize marijuana nationwide and expunge criminal records, as well as allocate money for underrepresented communities in the marijuana industry.

In addition to Colorado and Oregon, Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota have already legalized recreational cannabis. In addition, New Jersey has passed legislation for medicinal marijuana, making it available for adults. The bill would have legalized marijuana in these states, but only for a limited set of approved medical conditions. The ACLU reported that black people in these states were over four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession last year than whites.

Colorado: Colorado recently decriminalized marijuana. It has also established a medical marijuana program. With a long list of qualifying conditions, Colorado offers a fairly open medical marijuana program. Qualifying patients may purchase four ounces of marijuana every thirty days and grow up to six plants. To grow marijuana in Colorado, qualifying patients must obtain a state ID card and grow it in a secure facility. And once they are legal, it is likely that the rest of the country will follow suit.

Virginia is also among the states that are preparing to legalize recreational marijuana. When the law takes effect, adults 21 and older will be able to buy up to four ounces of cannabis flower or 16 grams of extracts. Home-grown marijuana will be allowed, but home-grown plants must be hidden from public view and tag the grower’s information. However, commercial production and retail sales will not be legal in Virginia until 2024.