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in which states is marijuana legal

Which States Is Marijuana Legal?

If you’re looking to consume cannabis legally, but don’t know which state to vote in, here are some things you should know. In 2020, many states will make pot legal for adult use, including New Jersey, Arizona, Vermont, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Alabama. In the years since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use, its state government has collected more than $12 billion in sales. Meanwhile, Washington state has legalized marijuana for recreational use and is considering the legalization of this drug in the future. ny medical marijuana card on line

Maine recently approved the sale of recreational marijuana and dispensaries are scheduled to open in June 2021. The law also allows for expungement of lower-level marijuana offenses. Retail marijuana sales will begin in Rhode Island this December, making this state one of the first in the east to legalize marijuana. However, consumers must be at least 21 to purchase marijuana, and it cannot be consumed in public. While it remains illegal in most other states, Maine is a notable exception.

In North Dakota, recreational marijuana was difficult to get. In 2012, a ballot initiative failed, but the state passed a medical marijuana law. The state is even harder to legalize for recreational purposes, with a 2018 initiative being rejected by almost 60 percent of voters. In the meantime, a plan to legalize cannabis for recreational use, known as HB 1420, passed the House, but the Senate blocked the measure and a legalization ballot for 2022.

New Mexico is the next state to legalize marijuana. Its Cannabis Regulation Act went into effect on June 29. Adults aged 21 and over will be allowed to purchase up to 2 ounces of flower or 16 grams of extract. Additionally, home cultivation will be allowed, with a limit of six mature plants per adult. Retail sales will start in April 2022. While these laws are far from perfect, they are a welcome step forward in establishing a legal marijuana industry in the United States.

In fact, in some states, marijuana is already legal for recreational use, and the next step is the election. Wisconsin is a swing state that has strict marijuana laws. While many Democrats in the state have pushed for full legalization of cannabis, the conservative state legislature has been stalling the bill. However, this situation may change if the governor decides to seek medical marijuana legalization for adults in 2020. There are still several hurdles to overcome, but it is clear that marijuana has a bright future in the United States.

One state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use is Washington, which passed a bill in 2016 to make it legal for adults over 21. While it is still illegal to grow cannabis on federal land, it is legal to possess up to six plants and one ounce of concentrated marijuana for personal use. However, it remains illegal to consume marijuana in public unless you are a registered medical marijuana patient. In other states, medical marijuana patients can possess cannabis in infused pills, oils, and dry plant or leaf form, which can be consumed or administered via vaporization.