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how to top marijuana plants

How to Top Marijuana Plants

Topping a marijuana plant means pruning off the top of the main shoot, which stimulates the growth of new colas. It also turns the plant’s overall shape into an inverted pyramid, which resembles a cocktail glass with buds on top. When done correctly, topping allows the plant to extend its vegetative growing cycle, and can be a good way to train plants to fit in a small space and prevent over-stretching. in ny can you get a medical marijuana card for pain

It is important to only top your marijuana plants when they have three or four nodes, because a plant with five or six nodes will recover more quickly due to its increased photosynthesis area. Some growers wait until the roots begin to appear at the bottom of the pot before they are ready for topping. In these cases, the weight of late topping versus early topping may not be significant. It may be necessary to replant the top portion of the plant if the plant has suffered an accidental damage or other injury.

Cannabis plants can be topped several times, but you should wait until they have had ample recovery time before repeating the process. When you do top your plants, you’ll have the highest yield, as the top will be directly above the leaves of the next node. To avoid the risk of a broken stem, you should also allow the plant at least two weeks between toppings. For more advanced growing techniques, you may want to consider fimming, which stands for “f**k I missed!” It’s a practice that was discovered by accident, but now many experts use it to achieve excellent results.

Topping marijuana plants is vital for achieving maximum yields and healthy crops. When done correctly, it can result in a healthy plant that recovers quickly. It’s also important to provide adequate nutrients immediately after topping your cannabis plants. While the technique may seem simple, expert topping still requires care. Sharp scissors and a soft cloth will help ensure a clean cut and minimize the risk of plant infection. And as always, make sure you use rubbing alcohol to clean your tools.

When you grow your marijuana plants indoors, you’ll need to know how to top them. This technique allows you to manage their height. Without topping, the plants won’t reach their full height. Instead, they’ll fill out more sideways, which can keep tall, leggy plants in check. In addition to increasing yield, topping will also lower disease risk and spread light throughout the plant. Then, you can place more plants in your growing space, and let them absorb all the light they need to grow.

When deciding on which method to use, be sure to choose the right one for your situation. While HST damages plants when used improperly, LST is much safer and is ideal for outdoor plants. Many experienced marijuana growers choose this technique alone, but you can always combine it with LST training. So long as you know what you’re doing, you’ll have a healthier and stronger plant. But be sure to avoid damaging the plant.