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how to top marijuana plant

How to Top a Marijuana Plant

A common question from beginners who want to grow marijuana is how to top a marijuana plant. Topping is a simple process of cutting off the top portion of the plant. It will help the plant produce two main buds instead of just one. This method also increases the size of the plant by exposing more leaves to light and absorbing more light. Although it may cause stress to the plant, it usually recovers well. There are several different reasons why topping a plant is beneficial. easy to get medical marijuana card ny

One of the primary reasons for cannabis topping is to control growth. Without it, the plant will grow vertically and concentrate its energy on one main stalk. The result is a smaller overall yield and lower-quality buds. Cannabis toppers also encourage a more open canopy. A cannabis plant with more than one stem should be topped several times for maximum benefits. Topping should be done before flowering starts to avoid the risk of preventing the plant from developing multiple branches.

A marijuana plant can resist being topped, but if you want a bushier, more robust plant, you should cut the plant at a later time in its vegetative phase. To avoid stress and infection, make sure the plant has adequate water and light after the process. Give your marijuana plant at least two weeks to recover from topping. Another plant training technique is known as fimming, a shortened form of “f*ck I missed,” and is useful in some circumstances.

To top a marijuana plant, you should first cut off the apical meristem, which makes two main stems. The new branches should be tied down so that they form a symmetrical Y shape with four pairs of leaves. Once the plant is fully grown, you should top the branch just above the fifth node. The new branches will grow girth, and will eventually form stalks of their own.

Cannabis plants can also be topped more than once. This process can help multiply the number of colas and growth tips from one plant. However, you should only do it on strains that can handle this type of stress. The first time you top your marijuana plant, leave two nodes intact. This will give you four or even sixteen new branches. Topping can help you control the number of colas and lower branches. There are many advantages to topping your marijuana plant.

Topping cannabis plants is an easy process that will help your crop grow bigger. Make sure to use clean sterilized scissors and a sharp blade to cut the stem. Wait until the plant has at least one internode before topping it. Moreover, it will also help your crop to yield more. You should make topping a part of your future grows. If you are looking to maximize your yield, learning how to top marijuana plant is the best way to make the process a habit.

Cannabis plants don’t tolerate stress equally. A plant that has experienced early topping may not recover quickly, especially if it has three or four side shoots. Moreover, when topping a marijuana plant, wait until the plant has grown a large root system. Larger roots take less time to recover from the stress. This method is also known as FIMming, which involves cutting a growth tip in half and triggering the development of four new branches.