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how to tell when to harvest marijuana

How to Tell When to Harvest Marijuana

If you grow your own marijuana, you probably know that there is a correct time to harvest. However, if you don’t, you may end up with a stale crop or an under-ripe plant. This article will go over the various signs of harvesting. By following these signs, you’ll be able to pick the perfect time to harvest your cannabis plants. Follow these tips to ensure a successful harvest every time. drug test with medical marijuana card ny

Generally, it’s best to harvest your marijuana when 70% or more of the pistils have curled. The majority of the trichomes should be cloudy, with little balls on top. The plant will degrade quickly after this point. Some sativa strains don’t have changing trichome color, so they’re best to harvest before the quality begins to drop. If you’re growing a strain with this trait, it’s crucial to monitor the plants closely, since you might want to avoid harvesting until at least seventy five days after flowering.

If you’re not sure when to harvest marijuana, check for brown pistils and dark resin on the buds. The trichomes should be amber-colored and part-cloudy. Then, wait until 90% or more of the buds have developed. If you see green pistils, this means it’s time to harvest, too. If the buds are still white, it might be time to start harvesting.

Another way to know when to harvest marijuana is to check the terpenes and THC content of the buds. The highest potency will be reached during the morning. During the day, moisture will increase the drying time. In the morning, the marijuana buds will be higher in terpenes, crystals, and THC. If you’re growing marijuana for medicinal purposes, wait until the pistils are almost entirely amber.

Look at the trichomes on the buds. Trichomes are the sticky resin glands on the marijuana plant. They play a crucial role in the potency of the marijuana crop, so look for them to make sure the bud is ready to harvest. The trichomes will also be darkened and the solid bud beneath will show through. The pistils will also start to form a little ball on the top of the bud, which is a sign that it’s ready to be harvested.

Lastly, the right time to harvest marijuana is different for every strain. It’s best to take several samples from your marijuana plants and compare them to the maximum potency of your strain. Aim to get three readings per plant, which will help you counteract the natural variances of each nug. This way, you’ll know when to harvest the plant. After all, you don’t want to harvest something that’s too small, right?

If you’re looking for the optimal harvest time, harvesting your weed as early as possible can increase your yield. You should do this as soon as flowering is complete to ensure the highest quality buds. If you don’t know what the ideal time is for harvesting marijuana, you can talk to other marijuana growers in your area. Most marijuana plants are ready for harvesting about seven to nine weeks after flipping from vegetative to flower stage. However, different strains take longer than others. As a general rule, sativas tend to finish quicker, indicas tend to take longer.