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how to tell if marijuana plant is female

How to Tell If a Marijuana Plant is Female

If you’ve ever wondered how to tell if a marijuana plant is female, there are a few things you can look for. Cannabis plants have a female plant’s stigma and pollen sacs. If you’ve grown marijuana before, you’ll recognize the difference between male and female plants by the presence of these two features. While male plants are more difficult to identify than female plants, you can generally tell by their flowers. applying for a medical marijuana card in ny

First, marijuana plants go through a vegetative stage before flowering, during which they only focus on growing taller and bigger. This phase of their development does not reveal its gender until it is six weeks old. If you’ve been growing indoors, then you’ve probably noticed pre-flowers and can use these clues to determine whether your cannabis plant is male or female. This is the best time to begin sex-diving!

Female marijuana plants begin showing pre-flowers in their fourth week of growth. The male version of the plant will have blooms and pollen sacs. If you’re unsure if a plant is female, use a jeweler’s loupe to inspect the plant closely. If you notice long, translucent hairs on the stem, it’s a female marijuana plant. In addition, female marijuana plants usually start displaying pre-flowers earlier than male plants.

In addition to these signs, marijuana cultivators can also determine their plants’ gender in the vegetative stage. By weeks 6 and three, the pre-flowers will have formed, nestling in the joints of the plant. Finding out your plant is a male can be heartbreaking, but you’ll be able to see if it will flower at all! Once you’ve figured out its gender, you can identify which plants will bloom and produce which products.