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how to tell if marijuana is male or female

How to Tell If Marijuana is Male Or Female

If you’re curious about how to tell if marijuana is male or a female plant, there are a few easy ways to distinguish the two. Female plants have pointed outer flowers and wispy hairs while males have round, flower-like structures. In some cases, the gender of the marijuana plant can also be determined by its stature. The female plant will have a taller and thinner stem than the male plant. use ny marijuana card in florida

The most obvious way to tell if a cannabis plant is male or female is to check the flowers. Male marijuana plants have larger flowers than female plants. Male marijuana plants also have a rounded pollen sac, while female marijuana plants have a pointed, white pistil. Male marijuana plants show sex 7 to 10 days before females do and three weeks before females. Indoors, marijuana plants show their sex for about three weeks before they show off their buds.

You can determine the gender of marijuana plants by examining the pre-flowers that form on the leaves around the fourth week of growth. Female marijuana plants will have flowers while male plants will produce pollen sacs. You may not be able to tell the gender of your marijuana plants until they reach this stage, but males tend to develop pre-flowers much earlier than females do. So if you’re wondering how to tell if marijuana is male or female, consider this information.

If you’re interested in growing your own cannabis, try identifying the gender of the plant by examining the flowers. Male marijuana plants are larger than females, while females don’t produce buds. Male cannabis plants are capable of pollinating females, which can lead to nasty buds. If you’re wondering how to tell marijuana is male or female, read on. You’ll find out which type of marijuana is more potent and which is more desirable.