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how to plant marijuana seed

How to Plant Marijuana Seed

If you’re not sure how to plant marijuana seed, don’t fret. Growing marijuana indoors is not only an enjoyable project, but it can help you combat bad weather and a lack of green space. To get started, you need to germinate the seeds first, but there are several things you should know to help you succeed. As a newbie, you should stick the seed into the plug hole, pinching it together with your finger. There are several different types of growing medium available, so it’s important to know what you’re using. getting medical marijuana card in ny

The next step in germination involves soaking the seed. A paper towel should be dampened with purified water, but not too wet. You can also use damp cotton rounds. Once the seedling is three millimeters tall, it’s time to transfer it to the final growing medium. The natural environment of cannabis seeds would sprout in spring, in line with the change of season and the weather. Soak the seed with water beforehand, and place the paper towel with the seeds on a dish.

You can plant the seed directly into the soil, but it is best to soak it first. This will activate the germination process. Soaking the seed will also loosen the seed shell, making it easier for the embryo to crack it. The seed may sink or pop out its taproot, but it will still produce a plant. Just keep in mind that weed seeds can be sensitive. Soak them in water for at least half an hour before planting, or until they’re able to sprout.

As the seedling grows, you should transplant it into a new location, making sure it has firmly established roots. This typically happens in two to six weeks. A marijuana plant is ready for transplanting when it shows a sudden spike in leaf growth. It’s easy to tell which leaves are marijuana leaves. Give the seedlings the best chance for survival and a top-quality harvest. Just remember that the growth of the marijuana plant is closely related to human development.

Before you begin planting marijuana seeds, you must know which ones are feminized or not. A feminized seed has a high likelihood of producing feminine plants. If you’re planning to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes, you should always choose female marijuana seeds. Pollinating the female plant is a much simpler process, but it will produce fewer seeds than pollinating an entire plant. To pollinate a female plant, you should prune the fan leaves around the desired branch and then remove them.

Cannabis seed germination requires the correct environmental conditions. The seed will begin to grow roots in between 12 and 72 hours, depending on the seed type. If the seed is not soaked, it may take up to ten days or more to germinate. Once the seedlings have sprouted, plant it in a flower pot with its root down. You should cover the seedling with substrate. After a few days, the cannabis plant should emerge.