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how to harvest marijuana

How to Harvest Marijuana

To maximize the yield of your marijuana plants, learn how to harvest marijuana. Unlike most plants, marijuana flowers don’t produce THC in their roots. When you harvest marijuana, you can either cut off the top buds, or harvest the entire plant, or a part of it. When you harvest marijuana, make sure to use pruning pruners to cut near the base of the plant. While it may be convenient to cut the plant in one shot, this can create a messy mess. To dry your buds, you can place the plant upside down. A more thorough process, but a slower one, is to dry the plant with intact stems. quickest way to get a medical marijuana card in ny

Using a handheld pocket scope is the most common method for determining if a cannabis plant is ready for harvesting. It allows you to observe the trichome formation and cloudiness. The appearance of each trichome correlates with the amount of high you want to create. For best results, wear gloves while harvesting marijuana to prevent contamination from your skin oils. If you plan on drying your plants, make sure to have a drying room handy.

Before harvesting marijuana, it is essential to know the exact time the plant is mature. You can look at the date of flowering. It’s a good guideline, but keep in mind that the length of growth period varies from strain to strain. Indica-dominant strains can finish flowering as early as seven or eight weeks, while sativa-dominant strains may take up to twenty-four weeks to mature.

After harvest, you need to dry your harvested cannabis properly. If you plan to dry a large harvest, make sure you have a lot of space and a fan to allow enough air to circulate throughout the marijuana buds. You can also hang the plants from the ceiling with a portable foldable clothesline. The black sheet helps prevent mold from growing. You can also place a fan outside to speed up the drying process. To make the drying process faster, remove leaves and large stems.

If you want to harvest marijuana correctly, you must have the right tools. Marijuana harvesting should be completed when the trichomes are mature. The trichomes on the flower change color from white to amber or milky. Marijuana flowers should be harvested when they are a medium cloudy color. The tips should be visible and easy to read. A combination of both methods is the best method. If you want to maximize yield, harvest marijuana when the trichomes are clear or cloudy.

Using gloves is recommended when handling cannabis plants. THC sticks to anything, so gloves are crucial. After harvesting, you should hang the marijuana plants on wires and space them evenly. Then, hang them to dry properly. Remember that too much humidity can slow the drying process and cause mold issues. If possible, use a fan to facilitate the air exchange. Once the plants have finished drying, the manicuring phase can begin.