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how to harvest a marijuana plant

How to Harvest a Marijuana Plant

Before you can begin flowering your cannabis plants, you must learn how to harvest them properly. This article will discuss when to harvest marijuana plants and the symptoms that should alert you that it is time to harvest. You should also pay attention to the flowering start date of your specific strain. When this date arrives, you should harvest your marijuana plant. After you’ve finished harvesting the plant, you can enjoy the final product. However, if you want to maximize the potency of your harvest, be sure to check it regularly. how long to get medical marijuana card in ny

After you’ve picked your marijuana plants, inspect each one for impurities and destroy any parts that may not be suitable for use. Inspect the buds to look for any signs of damage, and cut away the leaves if you notice any. Ideally, the plant should be trimmed by morning to ensure that the buds remain intact. Oversized fan leaves tend to have fewer trichomes and are not as potent as those with smaller, more delicate veins. But don’t discard the leaves if you’re planning to use them for edibles or oil.

To determine whether it’s time to harvest marijuana, start by examining the marijuana plant’s trichomes. These crystalline structures develop when the plant is a certain age. If the trichomes are still clear, wait until the plant has fully developed and gotten ready to be harvested. The more trichomes you see, the closer the cannabis plant is to harvesting time. Alternatively, wait for the trichomes to turn cloudy.

When it comes to picking the buds, sectioning the marijuana plant is ideal for faster harvest. Sectioning the plant allows more sunlight to reach the lower branches. The final stage of the lifecycle of a marijuana plant depends on your preferences. However, it’s best to harvest the buds as early as possible to avoid wasting precious time on buds that are too small to be edible. The time you pick them will determine the quality of the end product.

When the plants are ready to harvest, it’s best to remove any males before they flower. Male plants release pollen that destroys the psychoactive properties of nearby females. Getting rid of male plants is essential for a successful harvest. Hermies also have leaves and glands and can pollinate themselves and ruin your harvest. If you want to make edibles from your marijuana, you can cut them off before they flower.

The length of time between planting and harvesting a cannabis plant depends on the type of strain you’re growing. Different strains have different flowering times, so you’ll want to keep an eye on the specific guidelines for your particular strain. As a rule of thumb, the full indoor cultivation cycle can take six to 14 weeks. The time to harvest marijuana will depend on how much THC your strain is producing. Indicas and sativas usually need eight to ten weeks, while autoflowers are generally ready at seven to ten weeks.