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how to grow marijuana seed

How to Grow Marijuana Seed

If you want to grow marijuana plants from seed, here are some tips and tricks. Marijuana seed germination takes longer than pre-soaking, but it is far less likely to rot than with a conventional pre-soak method. To start the germination process, moisten a paper towel and fold it in half, placing the seeds in the fold. Next, place the towel and seeds in a plastic baggie. Store the baggie in a warm, dark place. Once the seeds germinate, plant the seedlings in the ground. how to get medical marijuana card in ny online

After several weeks, the seeds should start to sprout. When you notice a sudden spike in leaf growth, it means that the marijuana plant has entered the vegetative stage. Fortunately, these seedlings are easily recognizable as marijuana leaves, so you can safely transplant them into a larger pot. Ultimately, however, it is essential to give the marijuana seeds a fighting chance so they can produce top-quality harvests. To do this, give the marijuana seedlings ample sunlight, moist soil, and a mild humidity.

The type of soil that marijuana plants need will vary depending on what type you choose. You can use a rich mix of organic soil amendments if you choose to grow organically. If you prefer a more natural approach, you can purchase soil amendments from a local grow shop. Some marijuana seeds prefer an acidic environment, while others are more likely to thrive in an alkaline environment. Regardless of your soil type, perlite is important for marijuana growth.