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how to dry marijuana plants

How to Dry Marijuana Plants

If you’re interested in learning how to dry marijuana plants, you’ve come to the right place. There are some simple steps you can follow, but there’s a science behind curing and a bit of art involved. If you’re not planning to use the dried product, leave this process to experts. Listed below are some tips to ensure you’re getting the best quality dried buds possible. Ensure the environment is clean and dry. medical marijuana card for prescription in binghamton ny

Ensure that the temperature of your drying area is 68°F (20°C). Use a humidifier to increase the relative humidity to 50 percent. A relative humidity above this level encourages growth of bacteria and fungi, while one below it promotes faster drying. Big buds dry better on the outside, so leave them outdoors for the most effect. Alternatively, use an oscillating circulation fan to circulate the air throughout the space.

A common mistake with marijuana drying is drying it on its stem. This slows down the drying process, which increases the quality of the smoke. However, many growers prefer trimming their buds first. Leaving the sugar and fan leaves on the stems will also slow down the drying process, but this method increases the drying time. Plus, the buds will be unmanageable after drying. It’s much easier to dry the buds if they’re on the main branches.

While drying cannabis is not an exact science, many factors impact the drying process. For example, if the buds are dense, they’ll take longer to dry than small buds. The amount of time needed for this process also depends on the type of buds and the size of the stems. In some cases, the process can take seven to ten days, depending on humidity and temperature. When weed flowers dry, they lose moisture and shrink in weight and size.

When harvesting your buds, be sure to place them on a rack or in a cooled room with a relative humidity of about 55-60 percent. Avoid high temperatures, as they will promote fungal and bacterial growth. Keep the plants in a dark, room with 60-70 degree temperature. In addition, be sure to defoliate your cannabis before harvesting. Once dried, you’ll be able to use it as part of a homemade infusion or concentrate.

Another factor that affects drying time is the size of buds. Larger buds tend to take longer to dry than smaller ones. Remember to prune the cannabis plant after harvesting, as bigger branches hold more water and need to be dried longer than smaller ones. Keep in mind that temperature, humidity and airflow are also factors to consider. After all, the finished buds are worth the wait! This process can take several weeks, but it’s well worth the wait!