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how to draw marijuana leaf

How to Draw a Marijuana Leaf

If you have ever wondered how to draw a marijuana leaf, you’re not alone. Stoners have been drawing weed leaves on cave walls for millennia. You can even view a painting of a weed leaf, created around 10,000 B.C., on a Kyushu cave in Japan. The painting features seven lobed indica leaves and a unicorn. You can follow along in this easy-to-follow guide. where to get a medical marijuana card in ny

To begin, understand the way a marijuana leaf is formed. This leaf is composed of many small leaves in a group, with the largest leaf containing up to 13 tiny leaves. Most people choose to draw the marijuana leaf with seven fingers, but it’s not impossible to draw thirteen fingers. Once you learn to draw the leaves, you’ll be on your way to creating the next great doodle. While Leaf Nation’s information is derived from credible sources, we can’t be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage.

To draw a weed leaf, follow the steps outlined above. Draw curved rays on the weed leaf’s surface. The rays should form a fishbone pattern. Connect them at the upper portion. Outline the outer edge and include the main stem. You can then use this logo to create a marijuana leaf logo for your company. There are many ways to customize a marijuana leaf logo, so feel free to experiment!

After you have prepared your lines, it’s time to start drawing. Begin by sketching the basic upside-down ‘T’ for the first two lines. Once you have done this, draw two lines on either side of the middle line. Then, place them near the far side of each section, with the height reaching about halfway. As you sketch each section, look for a V-shaped line near the bottom of the first line.